Left and Right

The Alt-Center Revisited

By Robert Stark

The term Alt-Right, now for the most part obsolete, was a media buzzword for controversy with confusion about who and what views constituted the Alt-Right. Then the term Alt-Left was put forth, initially as a niche movement similar to what is now known as the Dirtbag Left or anti-woke Left, that was focused primarily on economic leftism while rejecting political correctness and identity politics. The Conservative media, however, picked up on the Alt-Left label to refer to antifa after Donald Trump used the term following Charlottesville, thus creating further confusion.

While never attracting the media controversies of the Alt-Right or Alt-Left, there has been talk of an Alt-Center that was even more confusing to pinpoint. For instance if you google the term “Alt-Center” the top results are from Slate and New York Magazine with implications that Alt-Centrists are neoliberal centrist types who supported Hillary Clinton and disliked both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The term Alt-Center relates to the concept of Radical Centrism which has been used to describe both anti-establishment centrism, as well as establishment centrists such as neoliberal commentator Thomas Friedman. Establishment centrism is where the mainstream center-right and center-left find consensus, such as the degree of agreement Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The key to the Alt-Center, however, is the alt, and like the Alt-Right or Alt-Left, was a proposal for an alternative version of centrism that is diametrical opposed to the establishment.


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