Reflection on Future Goals for the Anarchist Movement(s) in North America

I’d say I have two basic goals for the future of anarchist movement(s) in North America.

  1. Jettisoning the prevailing Marxist economic paradigm in favor of the “left-wing market anarchist” paradigm that some newer camps have adopted.
  2. Jettisoning the prevailing progressive universalism (“worldwide wokeness”) in favor of the critique of “World Domination Anarchism” that one post-left anarchist has provided.

The funny thing is I think the “market anarchists” at C4SS actually get it right on most issues: economics, technology, government, law, international relations, etc. At least most of the time. They are a step ahead of the other left-wing anarchists because they jettisoned the archaic Marxism that dominated left-anarchist thought for a long time before folks like Carson came along and rediscovered the individualist-anarchist, Proudhonian, Georgist, AWA, decentralist, etc. traditions and applied it within a modern economic context. I think Gillis is a nutcase and Carson is a crybaby, and the way they shill for fed operative Alexander Reid-Ross is pathetic. But it’s still a case of “broken clock, twice a day.” However, they mix these important economic innovations with the usual TDS/MSNBC/SJW/Antifa paradigm to the point of parody. There is a guy from post-left/green anarchist/anti-civ/an-prim circles who has offered a critique of anarcho-social democracy and progressive universalism (what he calls World Domination Anarchism) that the rest of the left-anarchist milieu desperately needs. If you take the C4SS economic perspective and the Anti-WDA critique and combine them, then you have what left-anarchism needs to be, and left-anarchists would be prepared to be a real revolutionary movement and not just another appendage to this or that ruling class faction.

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  1. As someone fairly new the anarchist fold, I’m always surprised how much telling other people how to live goes on. I would have thought, as just purely a matter of personality, anarchists would have been a little more hardcore in reality, rather than just image. The ides of woke metalheads comes to mind: tats, leather, piercings, condomless sex, but also whiney double masking karens afraid of using the word ‘black’.

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