Right Vs Left Libertarianism

A third voice is needed in this debate that addresses questions of scale. For the first five or so years that I was an anarchist, I had more or less the same views as Brenton and Non-Compete. Then I moved to a position more like David Friedman’s and Michael Huemer’s, though I was still more left-leaning on economics. Then I began focusing more on questions of scale about 20-25 years ago, influenced by figures like Tom Naylor and Kirk Sale, and that’s more or less where I still am today. Both proprietarian and collectivist systems can be tyrannies. The key is to have political, economic, and cultural power dispersed as widely as possible.

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  1. I have long wished that people who call themselves “left-libertarians” or “right-libertarians” would simply take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, grade themselves, put it on the Nolan chart, and publish those results.

    I’ve been 100/100 for 46 years. I consider that to be “middle-of-the-road” libertarianism. I suspect that many people who call themselves “left-libertarians” are primarily “left”, and only somewhat “libertarian”. (and, perhaps, “right-libertarians”, although it seems to me that term is primarily used by the ‘left-libertarians’ to misrepresent what many, most libertarians are.

    And, I also think that deviations from 100/100 can be considered to be DEFECTS in a person’s libertarian-ness.

    Of course, I also think that a much-more-detailed version of the WSPQ be made: Its shortness is useful, but there is potentially a lot of detail which is usually ignored.

      • And consider one question:
        “If someone who claims some land abandons it, someone else should be able to claim it by occupying it and using it.”

        How do you “abandon land”? It’s still there, possibly unchanged. You can ‘abandon’ coins in your pocket by taking them out and scattering them on the ground. And today, if you continue to pay property tax on ‘land’, you generally cannot be accused of ‘abandoning’ it. Sure, that may be a warped definition.
        So, I say this is a rather misleading question.

        These questions should have check-boxes next to them that say, “I disagree with the apparent premises of these questions, so no answer I could give would be appropriate.” In that case, the question should not be employed to give a mathematical result.

        In some cases, I simply didn’t touch the slider, because

        My results:

        Economic Leftist vs. Economic Rightist
        Economist Leftist
        Opposes deprivation and subordination. Supports solidarity and mutual aid.
        Economic Rightist
        Supports hierarchies in the workplace and the economy.

        Social Liberal vs. Social Conservative
        Social Liberal
        Supports tolerance, exploration, and diversity.
        Social Conservative
        Supports traditional or merely preexisting social systems.

        Civil Libertarian vs. Civil Authoritarian
        Civil Libertarian
        Supports robust debate, intellectual engagement and free expression.
        Civil Authoritarian
        Supports the rigid constraint of discourse, culture and expression.

        Antistatist vs. Statist
        Rejects centralized violence and authority as unnecessary and detrimental.
        Supports centralized violence as legitimate and/or necessary for human well being.

        Anti-Militarist vs. Militarist
        Opposes the non-defensive use of military force and highly resistant to incurring collateral damage.
        Supports aggressive use of military force and for the relaxation of traditional “just war” constraints on violence.

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