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Left vs. Right vs. Nu-Metal vs. Traditional Metal

A comment on social media sums up US politics perfectly, both mainstream and marginal.
“Watching people shift from arguing about the merits of pop-punk to which strain of Marxism they like the best without changing tone or argumentation method is a real headfuck.”
Says another commenter:
“I’ve compared the fracturing of left politics to how young people are with preferences and Fandom for music genres and artists. Factional dynamics play out much like announcing, say, you’re a traditional metal fan who hates nu-metal, and online activism reduces to signaling that you own all the posters.”
Another commenter observes:
“Years ago, some essayist wrote that geek culture, with its passionate fandom and its one-upsmanship about tastes for ever-more arcane interests, was becoming mainstream, thanks to the dominance of the techie/nerd mentality and aesthetic in mass entertainment. I agreed, and said that you can now see its distinctive, socially-illiterate yet obsessive stamp in just about every human endeavor.”

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  1. Nu metal is not real metal, Slayer detanotes Slipknot and if you listen to nu metal. I just kidding, I don’t care what you listen to, as long as it is metal. What Nu Metal is not. XP

    • Or, Dallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland Browns. Or whatever stupid team rival each other in the NFL, I don’t watch it. Point being, people always go with an “us vs. them” mentality.

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