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  1. Obama foolishly gave Iran $150 billion, all in one lump, as if he saw no need to keep them honest in the years to come. Who is that stupid?

    I don’t think Iran should have been paid a penny. It would be argued that it was “Iran’s money”, and it was in American banks, but terrorist money in American banks can be seized by law.
    Naturally, Iran would claim that their government wasn’t a terrorist organization, but there is plenty of evidence of acts qualifying as terrorism. The US Congress could simply pass a new law (but I don’t think a NEW law was needed) authorizing the seizure of that Iran cash, which was there to pay for military equipment.
    Note: The US Constitution has a provision prohibiting “ex-post-facto” laws, but that applies to criminal laws, not civil laws.
    It was the Iranian revolution of 1979 that led to a terrorist government, so they should have recognized that they would lose the money in American banks.

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