American Decline

The Coming Intra-Left Civil War

The USA is rapidly becoming a society that has the social norms of the Western European ruling classes but the class structures of Latin America.  This situation will likely lead to more civil unrest in the future, along with populist movements with demagogues of their own, left and right, and possibly even armed insurgent movements. It could stop there or it could go further with the USA experiencing a Soviet/Yugoslavian-like collapse followed by a Lebanese/Syrian model civil war. Of course, the center will be seeking to hold its position along the way even as the center continues to fracture as well.

A reader writes:

I have to say, one thing I’ve found interesting recently is how the so-called dirtbag left / neo-marxist camp (Christman, Chapo Trap House, and the like) and the old-fashioned antiwar liberal / civil libertarian left (Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, etc.) have been moving closer together, even if the latter might find the former too doctrinaire, and the former might find the latter not class-conscious enough. Still, whatever their disagreements with each other — unlike the mainstream, squishy “progressive” left-liberals, uber-wokeness-above-all-else types, and neoliberal Clintonistas — they both 1) do not have amnesia about the Bush years (or the Obama years for that matter) in terms of imperialism and the surveillance state, which they were never duped into supporting, 2) understand that the Russiagate stuff was just the officially accepted, respectable mirror version of QAnon for the neocon-to-antifa spectrum, and (3) understand that wokeness (whatever its own merits) is being actively adopted as the fluff to mask and/or justify the rising techno neo-feudalism.

I should also add that together they might be the sole exceptions on what passes for the American left that still believe in the concept of free speech without caveats (on principle, but also out of recognition that any restrictions can and will of course be used against any part of the left that refuses to be co-opted). Collectively, the rest appear to have been successfully snookered or frightened into accepting restrictions out of fear of Russia, fear of science-denialism (in regards to covid, vaccines, or the climate), fear of (certain kinds of) fake news generally (like implying the election was stolen), fear of the potential repercussions of anti-woke hate speech, and now, fear of domestic terrorism.

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  1. The frictioning of the left is an under-discussed topic.

    It is very strange to me that people who should have awareness of their own side fail to see that anti-GMO and vaccine skepticism, many forms populism and nationalisms, large swaths of all sorts of conspiracy theories, off-the-grid and back-to-nature tribalism, to name a few, started and still exist on the left! They will talk as if it is all right winger Q stuff and always has been, when Q is only a couple years old!

    It has been a real achevement of the progressive technocrats to unite under one anti-trump flag, labeling all oppisition as right wingers. And now I am excited to see them fracture under Biden.

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