Month: February 2021

Kick the Puppy S2: E7

Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics, Princess Meghan McCain calls for Fouci to be fired because she isn’t eligible for the COVID vaccine, John McCain was a sociopath, Gary Foster on abusive set behavior, drugs and sexual favors in the entertainment industry, mob owned […]

Leftism Against Anarchy

By No-Wing Anarchy, Medium The Bolshevik “betrayal” of anarchists during the Russian Revolution is a commonly known, and almost overly debated instance where anarchism has come into open and bloody conflict with leftism. There is no end to the accusations of murder at Kronstadt, or in Ukraine, and […]

The Strategy of the Neocons

David French is a total fraud whose only function is to serve as Bill Kristol’s butt buddy. The neocons’ strategy in response to Trumpism was to attempt to both co-opt Trumpism and embed themselves in his administration, while at the same time working to undermine him by forming […]

Is It Time for an Anarchist Army?

In the developing world where armed struggle is viable and, often, actually taking place, yes. In the USA, an “anarchist army” would merely be a bunch of dumbasses who ended up shooting themselves or getting taken down by the feds after falling into some kind of entrapment scheme. […]

The Factions of the Left?

Actually, there are a lot more than these, particularly when single-issue or identity-driven conflicts are included. I would generally be fine with any of those as long as they are voluntary or at least localized enough where exit costs are low enough to make them quasi-voluntary. Although some […]

The Five Factions of Totalitarian Humanism

From what I can gather “wokesters” come in at least five basic categories: ruling class elements seeking to incorporate progressive movements from recent decades into their self-legitimating ideology; professional class ladder-climbers engaged in virtue-signaling; quasi-religious zealots bent on moral purity akin to the Mormons and their “words of […]

Portland Is No Longer an “Anarchist Jurisdiction,” Says President Joe Biden

Ironically, Donald Trump was the first US president to formally recognize an anarchist polity. By Matthew Singer, Williamette Week Portland, it’s finally safe to come out from your panic bunker: There is no more anarchy in PDX. Not officially, anyway. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden issued an executive order repealing several actions implemented by […]