American Decline

Kick the Puppy S2: E4

Keith, Emma & RJ

Game Stop vs Wall Street, Robinhood, micro-revolts in the United States, Dodger Stadium’s COVID-19 vaccination site temporarily shut down after protesters gather at entrance, Robinhood was supposed to be for the little guy, Citadel, aristocrats pretending to be friends with the peasants, rich people more likely to follow social distancing rules, delivery-people everywhere, poor people can’t self-quarantine, COVID-19 and the biosphere, nature loves COVID-19, humans recycling suffering, our history is a history of viruses, micro-biology, how long have humans been on earth? 2020 saw unprecedented murder spike in major U.S. cities, rich people establishing underground bunkers and dreaming about space colonization, remember Baltimore, 2020 was one big prison riot, social media damages teenagers’ mental health, the role of mirrors in history, Edmund Carpenter and the camera, Oh, what a Blow that Phantom Gave Me! strategic body manipulations, Hollywood culture infecting populations through social media, people are shinkeishitsu, staring at screens and depression, people treating humans more like machines, people treating machines more like humans, the television as the original baby sitter, plastic surgery is the next big addiction, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the more isolated the more deranged, psychopaths and self-mutilation, plastic surgery as creative expression, Psycho Cybernetics, self-image, transhumanism, limb transplantation, the rich live longer, ex-presidents with Secret Service for life, how fast Congress moved on Trump, even Alex Jones has had enough of Q-Anon, Emma and RJ got the Pfizer vaccination, COVID-19 vaccination demographics, mostly white people getting vaccinated, Wisconsin pharmacist to plead guilty to tampering with COVID-19 vaccine vials, Gary North’s capital punishment.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying the podcast, but it strikes me hard that no one questioned the vaccine story line, and ya’ll are so ready to become test subjects for the white coat clergy!

    “How can we help more Black people get the shot?!?”

    You probability should be asking why you white people are so ready to follow the leader on this one!

      • Your wait-and-see stance is WAY smarter than your co-hosts’.

        Normal vaccines take over 5 years to be approved, and this RNA type has NEVER passed the rigors. Fast-tracked by definition means un-proven.

        We don’t trust the politicians, bankers, the pentagon, mainstream media, and all their corporate overloads, but when it comes to medicine, they have our best interests in mind?! Not an effing chance.

        • Interesting that you think we can trust the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take five years to approve a vaccine lol but you’re skeptical of almost 30 years of independent tech development. Russia actually approved their vaccine first. Do you think everyone should wait five years to feel more comfortable with government approval? Why should I?

          It’s also funny when anti-vaxers refer to tier-one groups as guinnea pigs or “ready to become the first test projects” and all that. In most states, the demand far exceeds the supply. It’s being rolled out to populations that are particularly high risk for contracting covid, making it impossible for most of the U.S. population to get the vaccine right now. So, no need to worry about who should go first.

          “Normal vaccines take over 5 years to be approved”

          Normal vaccines also take over 5 years to be developed. You’re right about one thing; m-RNA based medicine is not your normal vaccine development. M-RNA was literally developed for situations like covid. They spent two decades developing tech platforms that enable high speed development of vaccines for specific diseases. They now have a massively huge database of how genes self-express in numerous cell types, and they can run queries against the database to confirm which cells are most likely to be compromised by a virus’ shape. They can run it the way they can run fingerprints against the IAFIS/fingerprint databases. From there, making the actual vaccine is basically just priming the body to fight blobs that function like covid does. That’s why “it took only two days to develop Moderna.” All they needed was the genome; the hard work was building the database for decades. A lot of ground breaking modern technology tends to scare people or seem like magic when it first comes out. Most people’ll get over it.

          • Not sure how you got the idea that if the FDA approves it, I would take it… kind of like not.

            I’m not an expert, but training your body to create it’s own spike protiens, and then teaching it to attack them (beware anyone with severe allergies, or autoimmune disorders) does not pass the smell test, except to people who enjoy sniffing their own farts.

            Yes, any corporate entity can CLAIM to have the keys to particular genomes, just like snake salesmen claim to milk snakes.

            Sounds to me like this is a case of thinking things that are complex must be advanced. Welcome to technocracy folks, where the most ‘progressive’ excuse will be the reason for everything.

          • You said “tier one” bahahaha. Maybe they should put a gold star on us before we get in the train car too… Kidding bro!

            I really like your style on the podcast. I just don’t believe doctors, never have, and for sure am not starting now. I once had two morbidly obese nurses try for an hour to convince me to take a thier tetanus shot “for my heath”. No thanks ladies, maybe try a jumping jack or two and get back to me in the morning.

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