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Walter Williams, Hero of Liberty, RIP

This is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in the relationship between the state and the oppression of blacks, particularly the relationship between economics laws, housing laws, and drug laws. Williams’ “The State Against Blacks” is a must-read. Another similar book that is quite good is Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Race” (discussed in the video below) where Sowell argues with each paradigm shift in the 20th century (from progressivism to liberalism to multiculturalism) a new scheme was concocted to give blacks a raw deal.
Tom Woods interviews Tom DiLorenzo on Walter Williams. Listen here.
Walter Williams, the brilliant economist and syndicated columnist, died this week. With Thomas Sowell, he hammered away for decades against the myths about race and economics peddled by the mainstream and by alleged civil-rights organizations. He had enormous influence on a great many people through his books, columns, and public addresses. Tom DiLorenzo, Walter’s former colleague, joins me to pay tribute and to discuss the man’s ideas.

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    • I don’t want to sound disrespectful towards Williams (R.I.P.), it was just weird that I just saw one article about Watner’s death, leaving in consideration how important he was to the ressurection of the concept of voluntaryism.

      • Carl Watner and The Voluntaryist were a crucial part of my intellectual environment, for almost four decades. I am profoundly sad at his passing …

      • To be quite honest I mostly hear about him because of his association with George H. Smith and Wendy McElroy in ‘The Voluntaryist’, but I was expecting at least some mention of his passing on the blog or…

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