A Question for the Left-Libertarians

A reader writes:

I wonder if Chomsky, Carson, and Gillis would approve of the Waco assault by federal government forces? The ATF was probably doing it for “women’s rights” or “to get the kids in public education.” After all, they are probably on the pipeline to becoming fashes anyway so get it done early with a preemptive strike.

I have to wonder about this myself. Chomsky probably influenced my thinking on international relations more than anyone else. Carson probably influenced my thinking on economics more than anyone else. And whatever I think of Gillis personally (i.e. that he’s a retarded goofball), Center for a Stateless Society is actually a great resource. But still, I have to wonder…

The FBI Agent Who Can't Stop Thinking About Waco – Texas Monthly

Survivors of 1993 Waco siege describe what happened in fire that ended the  51-day standoff - ABC News

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  1. Whenever I see the term “left-libertarian”, I wonder “in what way is their libertarianism defective, if measured by the Nolan Chart (World’s Smallest Political Quiz), compared to a 100/100 Nolan score?” .

    (which I have had for 45 years, from when I first realized I had always been a libertarian).

    As far as I can see, “left-libertarians” are generally 99% “left”, maybe 1% “libertarian”. I think they just use the term “libertarian” because it’s politically “sexy” to do so now. The way Marxists often call themselves “anarchists” because Communism failed so miserably from 1917 through today.

    The term “libertarian” was first used in the late 1700’s (see Wikipedia) and through much of the 1800’s. At THAT time, it was much “lefter” than the then-existing society and government. But since then, society and government have themselves gone ‘far left’. (which was a good thing, generally..).

    But the problem is that some fools seem to think that what was meant by “libertarian” has to CONTINUE to be “far left” compared to TODAY’S society and government. That would amount to be far, far “lefter” than it was in, say, 1850 or so.

    I say that’s nuts. I think of libertarianism, at 100/100 on the Nolan Chart as being “middle of the road”.

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