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  1. I find it suspicious that Enjeti doesn’t mention Jeff Sessions’ failure to prosecute Hitlery Clinton and her corrupt crew, and Obama’s corrupt crew. (and maybe even Obama himself?). As well as Durham’s failure (so far) to prosecute them.
    In 2016, Trump’s crowds repeatedly yelled, “Lock her up!”, which I found to be an excellent idea. As of October 2016, Trump’s supporters were convinced that James Comey had corruptly avoided prosecuting her. I still am!

    But, over the next 4 years, anybody who thought that way was battered by the fact that no such prosecution had ever been even started, let alone completed. We reasonably could have concluded that such prosecutions should have been helpful for Trump…if they had been actually DONE. But they weren’t!

    What are we to think?

    One plausible conclusion is that this was a “Mexican standoff”: Perhaps the Democrats ‘had something’ on Trump, too. Was there an implicit agreement, “We won’t release THIS if you won’t prosecute us!”.

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