Christian Parenti: How Spoiled Elites Have DESTROYED Hamilton’s Radical Legacy 2

It figures that a full-blown commie like Christian Parenti, son of US Marxist-Leninist godfather Mike Parenti, would be an admirer of Hamilton, and favor Hamilton over Jefferson. However, what Parenti is saying in this interview is what a genuine Marxist would say about economic history and the development of industrial capitalism. Notice that he recognizes that, contra many right-libertarians, capitalist development was the product of statism, not “laissez-faire.” Btw, Christian Parenti’s writings on the prison-industrial complex and his father’s writings on US imperialism and state propaganda techniques are quite good.


  1. Hamilton was correct about tariffs and the need for domestic industry, internal improvements, but Jefferson was right about the need for decentralization.

    • It’s interesting how modern paleoconservatism is an almost perfect hybrid of Hamilton and Jefferson, i.e. economic nationalism combined with semi-isolationism, localism, southern agrarianism. But that’s one of the problems I see with paleoism (and right-libertarianism). It’s unlikely we will be going back to the 19th century, whether in the laissez faire Gilded Age form or the Henry Clay mercantilist form.

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