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The Proud Boys vs. The Boogaloo Boys

The Anti-Jerk Off Club mixes it up with the Hawaiian shirt guys.

By Deliverance

During a rally at the Ohio Statehouse, with tensions rising; an altercation broke out during a protest between a member of the <Redacted> Movement (known for their floral hawiian shirts and protesting while armed) and a group of the far-right neo-fascist organization known as the “Proud Boys”. While the BLM organizers were attempting to unite with the rest of their group on the other side of the rally. Due to the antagonizing of the Proud Boys, who were attempting to block the BLM organizers from gathering, the organizers linked up with the <Redacted> bois for a protective escort. While making their way over to the rest of the group, the opposing protest started screaming and shouting distasteful phrases such as: “All lives matter besides black babies!”.
At which point the <Redacted> boi noted in the video began to respond by saying they were being ignorant. One of the BLM organizers began shouting “Black lives matter!” in attempt to drown out the hateful comments from the crowd. The Proud Boys began shoving the <Redacted> boi who then made the strategic call to go back and regroup.

After removing the AR from his chest to avoid a possible physical altercation with the rifle involved and regrouping in larger numbers, the <Redacted> boi and the BLM organizers were followed by what appeared to be an aggressive and violent mob looking to incite violence at an otherwise peaceful protest. The large mob began instigating a fight after following the group, with women and children near by the members of the <Redacted> movement charged to the frontlines to run interference for the peaceful protesters.
After the Proud Boys began to assault the BLM protesters and <Redacted> bois, a full blown altercation broke out between the members of <Redacted> and Proud boys. The <Redacted> boi can be seen defending himself and the other peaceful protestors at the event. When the police questioned the <Redacted> boi about why he intended on pulling out the gun, he explained to the police that the Proud Boy appeared to be attempting to grab the gun out of his holster and felt that he should remove the gun and throw it aside lest it be used against him during any further altercations.
After the police verified the pistol was not reported stolen and questioned the <Redacted> boi vigorously and “calling him a liar” further pressing the issue, they released the <Redacted> boi as they had no legal right to hold him any longer. The <Redacted> boi states the purpose of the group being at the rally was to ensure the constitutional rights of all people, and to ensure the people were safe from any violence brought forth by opposing sides as well as promoting the aspect of Liberty for All.

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  1. These groups are rightly named as ‘boys” as they never matured into men and are still trying to play soldier like schoolyard boys

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