Hell’s Angels and Mongols riding on their way to Seattle to fight Antifa

As Stirner and Bakunin noted in the 19th century, the lumpenproletariat is the rightful class vanguard of an anarchist revolution, as we have once again seen in recent weeks, as opposed to the conventional bourgeoisie, petite bourgeoisie, and conventional proletarian “protestors.”  The most revolutionary sectors of the recent uprising have not been those carrying signs and chanting slogans, but those torching enemy military bases, and directly expropriating ruling class assets (however mildly). But, as Marx noted, the lumpenproletariat, being largely driven by egoism, can be easily co-opted by ruling class elements (though no less so than Marx’s idealized industrial proletariat with petty reformism). If the information in this video is true, it would appear that rival factions of the lumpenproletariat are about to clash. The left and right wings of the lumpenproletariat are about to have a showdown.

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  1. The moment the media started calling their enemies fascist for any and every reason, it became very clear the “anti-fascists” had been setup as their enforcers. Our only hope is that the delusion and ineptitude that defines this era’s managerial elite keeps expressing itself.

  2. This is literally fake news though. The footage appears to be old and the founder of the Hell’s Angels says that this is fake and “will never happen.” There is literally no evidence of this being a real thing that is happening.

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