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Beyond George Floyd: A Look at the 400 Americans Killed By Police in 2020

By Matt Agorist

Libertarian Institute

As the nation reels from the horrifying murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, it is important to remember that there were more than 400 others who’ve lost their lives at the hands of America’s police force. Like many of the folks who had their last moments alive captured on video as they were gunned down or beaten to death, their lives mattered. Sadly, however, their deaths—which were no less or more significant than Floyd’s—spark no protests and are swept under the rug.

Earlier this month, TFTP reported on the story of 42-year-old Michael Ramos whose death was caught on video. Just before he was shot, Ramos had his hands in the air and showed police he was unarmed. Riots never ensued.

“We went back and searched the area, we brought in K-9s that are trained to find firearms and searched the area, but there was no firearm located,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley confirmed earlier this month.


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  1. A good article and a much neglected point. I have been much satisfied to see the anti-state right slowly turning away from their insipid endorsement of the police in recent years. I have long been baffled by those who support the enforcers for the system they would oppose. However, the race baiting and sleight of hand at work here is lost on the masses. As the realization of widespread anti-police sentiment finally materializes, it is wasted and short-circuited by yet another misdirection.

    On the bright side, George Floyd has since been found to have had the Coronavirus and therefore he died due to the virus. As stated by the CDC and other health agencies, anyone
    who dies WITH the Coronavirus dies OF the Coronavirus. So at least the number of deaths by cops is down to 399. 👍

      • We’re in the hoax singularity now. All the propaganda is converging to form an entirely alternate reality. Nothing is real, there are no facts. All news is fake. All paranoid delusions are real. Bring on the UFOs!

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