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The Alt Right Increasingly Embraces Communism, is Destroying Itself

A few years back, when I used to speak to Alt-Right groups, leftist friends would ask me why I was interested in them. I used to always say, “Just think of them as the Communist Party of the Right.” I even presented what was essentially a Maoist interpretation of international relations at one of their conferences. I didn’t realize at the time how right I was.

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  1. This guy is basically a Libertarian and am glad to see much of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ or Dissident Right questioning or severely critiquing aspects of capitalism for a change. It is a refreshing development. Guys like this were calling Pat Buchanan ‘a socialist’ back in the 90s for daring to question conservative and Libertarian positions on Free Trade, Immigration, Economic Nationalism. On a slightly related note, I would love to see you debate Caleb Maupin on Marxism.

    • Caleb Maupin seems to be a fairly straightforward Marxist-Leninist with a strong revisionist position, essentially a Dengist. At least that’s the impression I get from his commentaries. On many issues, I would probably hold to a further left position than Caleb. Of the hard-core M-Ls, I’m probably closer to Jason Unruhe than Caleb.

      Have you seen the train wreck debate he and Brent Lengel did with Mike P. and Eric Striker? I could only watch the first 30 minutes or so before needing a Tylenol.


      I debated Brent once on “Left-Anarchism vs. Pan-Anarchism” on Todd’s program. We didn’t disagree that much on the issues we discussed, although we didn’t really get into the stuff where we would probably disagree most: Antifa, SJWs, the legitimacy of national-anarchism, whether the right-wing or the state is the greater enemy, etc.

      • I did view part of that debate on YouTube. I could only stomach about 15 minutes of it. It was godawful all around and poorly moderated.

  2. Styx sometimes has interesting take, but it’s usually predictable. Like so many political youtubers who made it big in 2016, he is a latecomer to the wild world of the ‘Dissident right’ formerly the alt-right, which has been fracturing since 2015.
    The first notable time was when the more cerebral and elitist types retreated into their own blogs, as the Trumpian and Nazi Memelords took over their forums and appropriated their vocabulary. A few felt noblesse oblige (or saw an opportunity to scam dullards) and ended up becoming F-list ecelebs. Well meaning boomers like Jared Taylor, were just happy to have youngsters take an interest in their work. Some sites like Counter-currents have always provided the political equivalent of a grad school film analysis punctuated by retarded ads for the latest superhero movie.
    Some would call Heilgate the next big split, but really it was just a formalization of the informal divide between early adopters of Trumpism and ideological racialists.
    Charlottesville changed everything for the worse. It seems the movement split into those who said “Ya know why this happen? It’s those Nietzscheans like Spencer who reject Gawd!” and then Spencer led a cartoon parody of the duginist boogieman off a cliff into obscurity.
    The libertarian pipeline has run dry, the few Paulians who remain are still befuddled and bitter about a failed presidential campaign from over a decade ago. Libertarianism is an incomplete worldview, and it has little future for that reason, even if it’s logic is sound.
    It’s a shame. I thought that the IQ obsession and anti-pc taboo breaking would lead to a post-racialist elitism. Instead of becoming a third cultural force, of the variety that spawned Nietzsche, Futurism, Surrealism and Cthullu, it became a cesspool of prole ressentiment. The Transgressive Rightist is not as common an archetype as I once thought.

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