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Blue Tribe and Red Tribe: Our “Activists,” Their “Rioters”

I’ve noticed that both Blue Tribe and Red Tribe loyalists are often the first to attack protestors on “the other side.” Folks who vociferously condemned the Rodney King riots in 1992 were supporting the militia movement a few years later. Folks who cheered the Waco and Ruby Ridge massacres sided with the protestors during the Battle of Seattle in 1999. Those who despised the antiwar protestors during the Iraq War period were often first-in-line at the Tea Party protests. A lot of Tea Partiers detested the Occupy Wall Street protestors and vice versa. A lot of folks who were criticizing the anti-lockdown protests a few weeks ago are now saying the riots are understandable outrage, while at least some anti-lockdowners are calling for shooting protestors.

Of course, I’ve generally taken the anti-System line irrespective of where it was coming from. It’s one of the great things about being an anarchist.

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    • No, I think that’s way overly-reductionist view of the Blue Tribe/Red Tribe divide. There are tons of whites in the Blue Tribe, and significant numbers of ethnic/religious/gender/sexual minorities in the Red Tribe (particularly Latinos, Jews, Catholics, women, and gays) if the voting and polling data is to be believed. The Blue/Red divide also transcends class boundaries as you have plenty of people from most class levels on “both sides,” although I’d argue that the Red/Blue tribal civil war takes place primarily within the upper-middle-class. In fact, I don’t know that I would consider a lot of blacks to be part of either “tribe,” certainly not the bottom 20% socioeconomic level because they’re not politically engaged. Remember that only about half of eligible voters actually vote, even in presidential elections, and that many lower-income blacks are ineligible to vote due to criminal convictions. So they’re not really part of the system at all.

      • you go tiger, Keith Preston, & expose the oppressive fraud that’s Mainstream American Binary Politics, & we should all either vote third party no matter who or never vote at all. We must smash & completely exterminate both the Red & Blue tribes at all costs. Because the Law is always evil, All Cops Are Terrorists PERIOD, & there can only be peace when there’s no government period. I think it’s time to save the world from (((Donald Trump))) & (((Israel))) big time, because (((Trump))) is nothing but an absolute tyrant, & (((Israel))) is the absolutely MOST EVIL Country in the world ever. Cheers, & PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW!

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