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Unfair Stereotypes?

I actually know quite a few people with conservative/right-wing or centrist/liberal views who think what was done to George Floyd was terrible. Fighting the state should be about reaching as wide an audience as possible (i.e. winning the Gramscian war of ideas) not pigeonholing people based on broad assumptions even if the assumptions are sometimes true.

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If your core values are in support of capitalism then in one way or another you’re supporting the divisiveness of the capitalist system and the systematic cultural oppression that goes along with it.

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  1. I consider myself pro-white and generally favor racial separatism but consider what happened to Floyd to be criminal and well understand the response of many Blacks to this police murder.

  2. Does that last statement imply that if your core values support socialism than you are in one way or another supporting the inhumanity of the socialist system and the cultural oppression that goes along with it?

    • I didn’t write the second part of the statement. It was just the comment that came with the meme that I pulled from elsewhere but, yes, what you said would seem to be a consistent application of the principle that is being expressed. For example, I’ve noticed that a lot of “tankie” types start sounding like Republicans when the protestors are Hong Kongians and the police are Chinese.

      • For all the tawk (yes with a w) that gets thrown at libertarians and in particular Ron Paul this is what Ron Paul institute posted. This is not some sort of “law and order” cop worshiping tract, rather, some of the best criticism one can find of the police! This is a substantial criticism which can actually change minds instead of just calling people racist which has been done for the last at least 20 years if not longer and what has exactly that accomplished. Almost every level of government in Minnepoloas is Democratic/woke and I think the city council has zero republicans on it so I think the left has much more of a “militant” police problem. If there is a stereotype its the wokester who tawks a big game on twitter or the blogoshphere yet then votes for poltiicans who vote for every crime biill (LBJ, Bill Clinton and now Joe Biden). If there is a stereotype its the exact opposite.

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