Don’t Vote “Blue No Matter Who”, Vote Anti-Establishment No Matter Who

This is 3 months old but it’s totally on point. I would generally prefer that voter turnout in US elections eventually dwindles to, say, the 30 percent range with the ruling class parties getting 20 percent of the vote and the fringe/freakazoid parties getting maybe 10 percent, with everyone else wisely staying home on Election Day.

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  1. This is one of the most challenging concepts to convey to most people. Policies, statutes, and regulations of all kinds become totally ineffectual when the vast majority ignores them entirely. Most of us are familiar with the “funny old laws still on the books,” such as “It is unlawful to tie your alligator to a telephone pole” or “No spitting on the sidewalk in the presence of a lady on Sunday,” etc. Yes, the laws still exist, but they are universally ignored and unenforced. The greatest election day in all of history would be when no one turned up to vote. Pretenders to authority should be laughed to derision as they whine “You must obey me! I’m the police/the governor/the president/whatever!” We don’t field armies at the behest of the proverbial schizophrenic who claims to be Napoleon. Neither should we comply with these assorted psychopaths and delusional authoritarians. I think this could be considered the de La Boétie approach to electoralism, or more loosely the Junger or Stirner strategy as a whole.

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