Month: May 2020

Preserve Architecture, But Smash the State

I’m actually in favor of preserving historic architecture. Preferably, anarchist or anarchist-friendly militias and guerrillas would simply surround these places, order their inhabitants to leave, never to come back. These landmark architectural structures can then serve as museums that chronicle and memorialize the depravity of the past. Attacking […]

Anyone Can Be a Victim of the Police State

Both of these memes make some important points. Anyone, from any socioeconomic or demographic group, can be a victim of the police state. Numerically, there may be more white victims, because whites are the largest group (about 60-70% of the US population). But, per capita, it is blacks, […]

Direct Action Wins Again

Good work. This guy would have been sitting duck. Not only would another pointless murder have occurred, but the political/racial antagonisms would have intensified. This officer got separated from other officers and this group of protestors created a human shield to protect him.

On Misrepresenting One’s Opponents

At long as I have known of national-anarchism, I have considered it be to a legitimate, interesting, and important form of anarchism. If other anarchists feel different, fine. The venerable anarchist principles of voluntary association and decentralization are our collective way around such conflicts. “We do not consider […]

Red vs. Blue on Blue vs. Black and White

These memes make some very important points in the sense that people of virtually all ethnic and even socioeconomic backgrounds can be victims of police brutality, whose ranks include everyone from mayors, professional athletes, suburban teenagers, upper-middle-class white women, active-duty military personnel and off-duty cops, to the poorest […]

Why We Need the Right to Bear Arms

An anarchist in Minneapolis writes: “Both protesters/rioters and police/national guard are currently roaming south Minneapolis with firearms, including machine guns. There have been reports of shots fired. Both sides seem to be highly mobile, with groups forming and dissolving in a very fluid way.” An illustration of why […]

Direct Action Wins Again

An anarchist in Minneapolis who is observing these events on the ground writes: “There’s now a number of different armed groups of residents out there defending their homes and small business owners defending their businesses. I think that this is great. Just because the police say that they […]

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide

I don’t think they liked that one of their cop shops was burned to the ground. Slate The ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd were caught up in violence again on Saturday, as police all over the country teargassed protestors, drove vehicles through crowds, opened fire […]

Still Not Enough

Shit, that don’t mean anything. I’ve known white women who were beaten, abducted, tortured, and raped by pigs. What do you see in this pic? This is white privilege being used correctly in Louisville, KY. This is the power of being a woman. A line of Caucasian women […]