Month: April 2020

Krystal Ball Dragged After Tepid Credit To Fox Host

Krystal has really been getting attacked by the SJW crowd lately, which means she is likely on the right track. I reject Tucker Carlson’s populist-nationalism and social conservatism. I reject Krystal’s statist-reformist social democracy. And I reject the libtard-leftard-SJW-Antifa pathological right-wingophobia. Kyle’s commentary is this is pretty good.

Were Libertarians for Trump right?

No, but neither were the Chomskyian anarcho-Hillaryites. We update the libertarians for trump as well as discuss the ways in which most nevertrumpers inside and outside the libertarian camp have failed to have a substantial criticism while Block’s case has largely been correct in the past 4 years.

Why Russia is Shrinking Fast

As I have said many times, Western political dissidents need to reject both Russophobia and Russophilia. Russia is a nation with the GDP of South Korea, a mere backwater province in the global capitalist empire. Russia only has one export product, petroleum, which the Western ruling classes covet […]

Karens With Attitude?

Feminists vs White Privilege theorists in the “Who’s Most Oppressed?” pissing contest? I’ve seen a lot of SJW-types using the “Karen” eponym. Apparently, a pro-Karen faction of SJWs has formed. Or maybe this is all just satire. Who knows with these folks.

Anti-Micronationalist Micronationalism

William “Goofy” Gillis is something of a minor league Alexander Reid-Ross. While Reid-Ross promotes the standard neoliberal Hillary Clinton/Samantha Power/MSNBC/SPLC line on both foreign policy (“The Russians are coming!” and domestic policy (” The deplorables are coming!”), Gillis tends to focus on conspiracies by “micronationalists” and “reactionaries” to […]

Just Call Him Alexander Rodham-Ross

As a general principle, I am for an “open-ended” approach to anarchist theory and practice in the sense of letting “a thousand flowers bloom.” I certainly don’t expect all anarchists everywhere to adopt my approach, and there can certainly be separate but parallel tendencies to the ATS perspective […]

What’s Next, Trillion-Dollar Coins?

By Stefan Gleason, Money Metals Exchange The massive set of stimulus measures rolled out last month by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve has left many Americans wanting more… and politicians scheming for new ways to dole out additional trillions in cash. Most taxpayers have already received their […]

Woketivists who decried Joe Rogan endorsement silent on Howard Stern backing Biden

Like most cults, the Democratic Party has both an exoteric and esoteric doctrine. “Wokeness” is the exoteric doctrine that is intended for the purpose of manipulating and motivating the rank and file of true believers (the progressive liberal/social democratic/SJW/Antifa/anarcho-progressive axis) while neoliberalism is the esoteric doctrine of the […]