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  1. Fuck her. Dumb enough to believe in America and voting, she deserves this. Zero sympathy for normies and blue-pilled faggots. If you still have any hope in ‘duhSystem’ or the horde of low-IQ cattle of this country you are already doomed. This whole shitshow has to be set on fire, and a system of strict exclusion (to keep out all the people from California, AntiFa, etc.) for a tiny minority is the ONLY good outcome. Mass society can NEVER be ‘fixed’ because its members are the problem. If normies were not so stupid, lazy, conformist, etc. this problem would not exist. As they are there is no ‘solution’ but to escape them. Any society consisting of typical breeder trash will inevitably be trash: garbage in, garbage out is the maxim of all systems, and most people are GARBAGE.

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