Month: March 2020

Could an Anarchist Society Defend Itself?

In my view, the only valid argument against the anarchist position is the one David Friedman called “the hard problem,” i.e. the question of whether a stateless territory could potentially defend itself against external invasions by states. All the other arguments are merely special pleading on behalf of […]

The Life and Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche

A good documentary on Nietzsche. The primary weakness that is demonstrated by most anarchists and leftists is their failure to confront Nietzsche’s critique of modern liberal-humanism generally and leftism specifically as forms of secularized theocratic neo-Abrahamism, which is why we find so much zeal among leftists for rooting […]

Will Trump Use COVID-19 to Promote Peace?

By Pat Buchanan The American Conservative To fight the coronavirus at home, France is removing all military forces from Iraq. When NATO scaled back its war games in Europe because of the pandemic, Russia reciprocated. Moscow announced it would cancel its war games along NATO’s border. Nations seem […]

Anarchist Writings on Coronavirus

The Anarchist Library Against the Coronavirus and the Opportunism of the State — CrimethInc. Mar 27, 2020 18 pp. Against the Quarantine of Passions, the Social Epidemic — Anonymous Mar 28, 2020 7 pp. An Anarchist Perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic — Anonymous Mar 29, 2020 4 pp. […]

April Fool!

Just send the landlord an envelope with a note saying, “I bet you thought this envelope was going to contain my rent check. April Fool!” What happens on the first of the month when residents, restaurants, and retail stores don’t pay rent? By Henry Grabar Slate In a […]

Plagues Over the Centuries Have Caused Radical Political Shifts – Examples From the Last 2500 Years

By Srdja Trifkovic Russia-Insider Serious epidemics can have far-reaching social, cultural, and geopolitical consequences. The plague which devastated Athens in 430 BC—in the second year of the Peloponnesian War, when an Athenian victory still seemed within reach—claimed a quarter of the population, some 75,000 people including Pericles. His […]

I Hate Leftist Economics

Like many people, Styx is confused about what “leftist” economics actually is. As Murray Rothbard demonstrated, state-socialism was a reactionary effort that had its intellectual roots in Counter-Enlightenment thinkers like Jean Jacques Rousseau and G.W.F. Hegel. What Americans think of as “socialism” is really progressivism, i.e. the deification […]