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Washington Prefers to Continue Its Occupation of Iraq: US Expert

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An American Middle East expert described the recent US attacks on positions of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units as a “clear violation” of the Arab country’s sovereignty, adding that Washington prefers to continue its occupation of Iraq.

Washington Prefers to Continue Its Occupation of Iraq: US Expert

“This (the attack on PMU bases) was a clear violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. However, it isn’t surprising because I would never expect the United States to uphold any of its treaties or agreements with other countries. And Washington has no respect for the sovereignty of other countries because they’re currently maintaining illegal military bases in Syria,” Randi Nord told Tasnim.

She added, “Clearly, Washington is willing to put its own allies and even troops at risk to send a message and continue its occupation of Iraq.” 


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  1. I don’t see that the author of the article (who seems to be unidentified) takes a position on the rocket attack on the American base where a contractor is killed.

    I don’t know if it is true that the American base is “illegal”, I think it is unwise for pro-Iran forces in Iraq to make such attacks on US forces present in Iraq.

    What is the purpose of that attempted escalation of the dispute there?

    Also, see from that article:

    “This string of violent attacks in Iraq is just the latest example of Washington allying with far-right, reactionary, violent terrorists to maintain the cycle of endless war in the region to its benefit.”

    I repeat my frequent observation that in the last few years, the term “far-right”, or “extreme right”, has almost completely replaced mere “right”, and of course not just here in this article, but in American MSM. Where did the mere “right”? go?

    My hypothesis is that “right” didn’t go anywhere: It is simply being CALLED “far right” for publicity purposes. One explanation is that when the biased MSM went from “left” to “far left”, naturally from their new point of review the position of the “right” changed to “far right” or “extreme right”.

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