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The Real Reasons Tulsi Gabbard Did Not Vote to Impeach Donald Trump


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” She also introduced a resolution calling on the House to censure Trump on five issues she implied were far more substantial. Those include carrying out wars without congressional approval, illegally “occupying and pillaging” Syria, “recklessly enabling” Turkey to invade Northern Syria and ethnically cleanse Kurds (a U.S. ally), continuing to support Saudi Arabia’s “genocidal war” in Yemen and scrapping nuclear agreements with Iran and Russia, thereby strongly increasing the risk of nuclear proliferation.”


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  1. I am aware of the video that shows that Biden bragged about getting a prosecutor fired, based on the threat of withholding over $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.–dj2-CY

    I am also aware of the fact that Hunter Biden was paid $3 million for a job he obviously wasn’t qualified for, during a time in which his father was Vice President.
    I am not saying that ANYTHING that Trump might have done was later rendered justified by these facts. But I AM saying that the reverse isn’t true either: What Trump is alleged to have done in 2019 didn’t retroactively justify what the Bidens did in 2016 and before.

    So, why are the Democrats behaving as if the latter is true? They are doing the “best” (ha!) job of ignoring documented history as virtually anything I have ever seen.
    The Bidens haven’t yet been officially charged, but I view that as pro-forma. They look as guilty as I could imagine.

    • I know a rather large amount of Federal law, and I am absolutely convinced that “Hitlery” extensively violated the Federal Records Act, which required her to arrange for real-time backups (to the National Archives) for any government business transacted on her private server.
      And, she was also in violation of the Espionage Act for allowing classified information to remain on her unapproved server.

      People with a security clearance, by signing their agreements, agree to being liable for dealing properly in situations where they find, or know of, violations to document security.
      For a counter example, if a person WITHOUT a security clearance finds a banker’s box of classified documents by the side of a road, they are NOT legally obligated (as far as I know) to do anything about that situation.

      Contrary to that, if a person HAS a security clearance, he or she IS OBLIGATED to deal with such a breach. Failing to do so subjects them to criminal liability.
      She was aware that other people put classified information on her server, even if she had not done so herself, she was still legally responsible for properly dealing with that situation. She was obligated to correct that situation, which presumably included removing that information from her insecure server.

      Note: If she had merely had a private server, and it didn’t have classified information on it, and it didn’t have government information on it, she would NOT have been in violation of these two laws. But that’s not the way things happened.

      Her supporters are inclined to explain this as an innocent error. I think differently: She had been given a classified-approved email address/server at the start of her office, in about January 2009. If she had used it for classified info, but occasionally made an error by putting classified information into her private email address/server, that could have been called an innocent error. But by completely failing to ever use that government-approved email server, she was effectively making the decision to ALWAYS put classified information onto her private server, an obviously illegal decision. So, I am certain that this was never an “innocent mistake”.

  2. It’s like people are so blinded by their dislike of Trump that they can’t even admit the possibility tat Biden and his son are crooked and corrupt politicians using their political positions for personal gain.

    • Yes, there’s a reason it’s called TDS, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. There are reasons to not like Trump, but these people wildly overstate their case.
      As I see it, the big problem is that by March 2016, the biased MSM essentially had given Trump over $2 billion in free publicity. They even admitted it. Google ‘$2 billion free publicity trump’

      One result:

      There are many, many others.
      The biased MSM was trying to get the Republicans to select what they saw as the easiest candidate to beat. Well, maybe Trump was the easiest candidate to beat, but that didn’t mean that Hitlery could actually beat him.

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