Month: May 2019

US targets Huawei again

My thoughts on the “trade war” with China. Watch here. This week US president Donald Trump declared a national emergency over IT threats. Trump’s long awaited executive order forbids U.S. companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment manufactured by firms posing a “national security risk”.

Feudalism, Then and Now

And California, the home of Sunshine feudalism is the worst. How “our system” works: The presidency is an elective monarchy. The mass corporations are the new feudal manors. The banks are the new usurer class. The military are the new indentured servants/mercenaries. The professions (like doctors and lawyers) […]

Keith Preston: US pursuing regime-change policy in Iran

Press TV. Listen here. The United States is pursuing a regime-change policy in Iran by exerting military and economic pressure and covert operations, according to American political analyst Keith Preston. Iran reiterated on Wednesday that chances that American and Iranian forces could engage in clashes in the Persian Gulf, or any other region, were high .