American Decline

How the System Works

“It’s interesting how figures like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are labelled as “communists” for wanting the economic policies of the 1950s (when a third of the US labor force was unionized and the top income tax bracket was 91%), and the Trumpians/MAGA hats are considered “fascists” for wanting immigration policies that are to the left of Eisenhower’s in the 1950s. Whatever the USA was in the 1950s, it was hardly fascist or communist.

In most countries with a democratically elected government (roughly 60 to 75 percent of the world’s nations), open socialists, communists, fascists, nationalists, fundamentalists, Greens, quasi-anarchists, animal rightsers, populists, and all kinds of assorted weirdos regularly run for and get elected to all kinds of stuff. That’s how “democracy” is theoretically supposed to function.

The USA has one of the most tightly controlled and narrowly constrained electoral systems in the world. Some of the most retrograde Latin American nations have a similar system. The different factions of the oligarchy (mostly the traditional Chamber of Commerce types vs the newer techno-oligarchs and urban professional class) put forward their bought candidates as quasi-celebrities, and the role of the media is that of a pro-wrestling announcer, i.e. to pretend like it’s all a real contest as opposed to a staged theatrical production.” – Keith Preston

“Its a rigged game and a charade, and people are starting to see it, even if they cannot describe it in the political language that you just did. Parliamentary systems are better because even outsider candidates can pick up a few seats. The US is actually a Plutocratic, Quasi Totalitarian State with Democratic façades. The electoral system and the liberal and conservative wings in the US are totally bought off, and the corporate and national security state elements actually run the country, with the political class being basically their employees from the President on down. Freedom of Speech is no threat, the US population is so brain benumbed and ignorant, repeating all the nonsense they hear from Fox News and MSNBC that nothing they think, say, or do can pose any kind of challenge to the system. OTOH people are disgusted with government, corporations, banks, the government, and the establishment parties, they no they are getting screwed and the system is scared. So there is tactic of inculcating strife between various groups in society over race, political views, sexism, LGBT, etc. Cultural Liberalism as a divide and conquer strategy. Economic misery us breaking down American society, the fissures are everywhere. It will get so bad with drug use, suicide, nihilism, mass killings, mental illness, that society will no longer function normally anymore, and it will collapse.”-David Alexander

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  1. “”It’s interesting how figures like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are labelled as “communists” for wanting the economic policies of the 1950s (when a third of the US labor force was unionized and the top income tax bracket was 91%)…””

    This is easily misleading. Yes, there was a top marginal income tax rate of about 91%, but it occurred during an era in which things called “tax shelters” dramatically decreased the effective rate that even (especially!!) high-earners paid.
    And “marginal” tax rates are the rates paid on ADDITIONAL dollars, not the average rate a person pays.

    What is needed is history on the typical percentage people paid.

    Also, I feel inclined to point out a good reason nobody will ever pay 90% again: My Assassination Politics essay explains how people will be able to donate money, completely anonymously, to a fund which can be used to pay people who anonymously “predict” the date of death of a politician…or even all of them. Likened to an assassination market, anyone who pays what he considers an excessive tax rate can get rid of any politicians to support that system.

    Suppose the Federal Government collects $3 trillion in taxes each year. If everybody from whom taxes are taken pays 1 cent for each 1 dollar in taxes he pays, to a death-prediction market, that’s $30 billion. If a given death costs $100,000, that’s 300,000 deaths. Apply that number to the Federal government, and every Federal manager would be dead.

    As a practical matter, I think that if as few as 1% were killed, the rest would run away.

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