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  1. A few thoughts….

    1: Everyone is racist. Black, white, red, blue, yellow….As animals, we humans judge people by race and sex, because the difference races and sexes have different biological traits. These differences may be risks or benefits, depending on the situation.

    2: That said, I do NOT support enforced segregation of the races. Race is fluid, much more so than sex, and the mixing of breed, race, ethnicity, etc is a mechanism of evolution. However, this is often a messy and violent mechanism. Both in humans and other species.

    4: This was an emotional event for all involved, for better or worse. Yet it doesn’t seem nearly as negative as the media portrays. Yes, tensions were high, but of course! Everyone already had an agenda going in. There were 3 different protests going on in the area, for fuck’s sake. What did they expect?

    5: These “Hebrew Israelite” people seem responsible for much of the tension. I can’t say either Nathan Phillips or the Covington students handled the situation perfectly, but it certainly seemed more like a misunderstanding than a disagreement. The March For Life and Indigenous Peoples March aren’t really in opposition with each other. Quite the contrary; both oppose eugenics, in the form of abortion or genocide. Yet the Hebrew Israelites appeared to be harassing both the Native Americans and Covington students.

    6: Many of the Covington students were probably being dumb teenagers. I don’t doubt some of them were mocking the Native Americans, but this comes from immaturity and confusion, NOT hatred or racism. Some of them were truly getting jiggy with the chant. Remember, we learn by repetition. Mimicry. Mocking. Parody may not be the greatest form of flattery, but it certainly isn’t cold-hearted malice either.

    7: While I don’t see the MAGA hats as the new “white hood” or anything, I see any political apparel as inflammatory. Whether it be pro-Trump, anti-Trump, pro-Hillary, anti-Hillary….even anarchist apparel is inflammatory. Take it or leave it. The Covington students should know how controversial Trump is, and if they plan to wear MAGA hats in public, be aware that it could reflect on their character. Not that I think these kids are truly pro-Trump, maybe just attention-seeking and anti-PC/SJW.

    8: If the Hebrew Israelites were harassing both the Native Americans and Covington students, why didn’t Nathan Phillips approach the Hebrew Israelites instead of the Covington students? Bias against the white kids? Fear of the black people?

    9: The government really doesn’t care about Native Americans, nor any other race. But this is especially obvious with the Natives. Rather, the government seems to oppress Native American heritage for so than any other race. Seriously, how many Native Americans do you know? How about Hispanics? The (relatively modern) Hispanic ethnicity has a rich Native American heritage, yet this is suppressed by the insistence on Eurocentric terms such as “Hispanic” or “Latino” instead of tribal identities.

    10: Really though, how ARE you expected to respond to a sacred drum in your face? Smile? Sing along? Bow your head? Walk away? I’d like to know, in case I’m ever in such a situation; I’d like to properly show my respect without going viral on Twitter. And this is why I caution against social media….

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