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Marzieh Hashemi, American journalist who works for Iranian TV, arrested in US, state-run media says


American-born Marzieh Hashemi is a news anchor for Press TV, Iran 's English-language service.
Iran’s foreign minister called for the United States to release Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi in comments carried on the website of state-run IRNA news.

Iranian state-funded Press TV reported Wednesday morning that Hashemi, a journalist born in the United States as Melanie Franklin, was detained in the St. Louis, Missouri international airport on Sunday.

She was transferred to a detention facility in Washington, DC, according to Press TV, Iran’s English-language service.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to comment on Hashemi’s detention.


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  1. I think its an absolute disgrace and shame to America that a black female qualified journalist is detained in jail because the US government doesn’t like Iran and wants to overthrow it .
    Now any journalist in the world the US doesn’t like will be a target -free speech? not in the USA .
    Its sad a big country like the USA has descended into a totalitarian state that its supposed to abhor its obvious the US wants to rule the word ,well a certain little guy with jackboots and a mustache tried that as well .

    • It is utterly irrelevant to me whether Hashemi is qualified, female, black, or Muslim. But I wholeheartedly agree that it is a Bad Thing for our government to detain journalists. Or anyone, for that matter. This arrest happened somewhat close to home and it makes me a wee bit uncomfortable….

    • An irrelevant side note: Everytime I think of Iran, I think of Person. That deep, rich, occasionally dark heritage. And how the Persian Empire collapsed just as ALL empires eventually collapse….

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