Month: November 2018

The Left Case against Open Borders

A leftist writer discusses the history of leftist opposition to open borders. By Angela Nagle American Affairs Journal efore “Build the wall!” there was “Tear down this wall!” In his famous 1987 speech, Ronald Reagan demanded that the “scar” of the Berlin Wall be removed and insisted that […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 12

11.25.18 Trump lets the cat out of the bag on Israel and Saudi Arabia, American missionary killed by natives on North Sentinal Island, Trump’s Playboy model wife to speak at Christian university event, young people leaving religion, churches starting to close, number of witches growing in US as […]

The Trouble With White Guilt

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley White Guilt is a very serious affliction in this country. Its symptoms include cultural appropriation, political correctness, and obsessive NPR consumption. Fall is peak White Guilt season, wedged between our country’s most cherished celebrations of genocide, Columbus Day […]