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Unraveling Political Theory – Progressivism

In episode 10 of Unraveling Political Theory, Tim Bryant and Keith Preston will be discussing Progressivism. Coming to terms with different political movements and what they represent is at the core of what this podcast is all about. To understand the world of politics and change it for the better, it’s paramount that people begin to study political theory and the ways in which it has manifest throughout history up into the present day. By bringing light to the origins of political and philosophical thought, the present day becomes all the more explainable because one is now able to see the logical progression of such manifestations.

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  1. The fastest and most assured progress requires free competition in all spheres. Territorial statism suppresses competition in most important spheres and claims a territorial monopoly for reforms. It proves its ignorance and lack of capacities in communist or State socialist totalitarian regimes. But these examples are out of sight for most people, most of the times, even in the mass media reports. Its inabilities and failures would be much better demonstrated, daily, to most people, if they could be freely practiced by the diverse State socialists in their State socialist networks. Then most other people could observe these failures among some of their very neighbours and thus these failures would be much less likely to remain ignored by all too many or largely hidden by false propaganda. At least the State socialist mail monopoly is daily and everywhere revealed in its inefficiencies, best, probably, by the email alternatives.

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