Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: Trump Isn’t Ready For A Girl From The Bronx

That this candidate won shows that people really are fed up with business as usual in US politics. More maverick candidates will probably be achieving victories in the future. Her actual politics are just those of a moderate social democrat, not particularly radical, although it’s possible she may help open the door for more radical people in the future.

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  1. She’s a tribalist and collectivist but all you “individuals” want to support her? What a shock. Did you see the Aztec skull decor they found? Its what she and her fellows are known to do. Not feed themselves or be kind to others. Just kill to sacrifice anyone that doesn’t subscribe to their “rule” without rules.
    Mexicans follow God and Hernando Cortez. The Mestizos worship Santa Muerte, the patron saint of Death.

    • I have some political disagreements with her. I want to end the US empire, not implement some milquetoast social democracy from Washington. D.C. But I seriously doubt she’s into human sacrifice. If she wants social democracy for the Bronx, fine.

      • She wants to expand the welfare state. This is how Uncle Sam controls you. Like the schools, where ANY federal funds makes them a vassal of Washington. She and her kind WANT BIGGER GOVERNMENT. What kind of rebel is that? Look at Obamacare. It didn’t EMPOWER anyone. Its just a rebranded Romneycare that gives Big Bucks to Insurance Companies and expands the welfare state.

        • Yeah, well, all of that is why I am not a social democrat. I don’t think she’s a “rebel.” Her politics are just recycled Rooseveltian liberalism. Looking over her website, she’s got the cliched left-liberal/social democratic positions on just about every issue. She’s very Jill Steinish, although she’s DSA, not a Green. She’s pretty good on foreign policy and “criminal justice,” though.

  2. She’s just another “carpetbagger” who uses the Bronx as a career move. She has lived quite the privileged life and it’s gonna’ get even better. Soon she’ll be another rich “socialist” like Bernie.

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