Month: July 2018

The Latin Americanization of the United States

By Keith Preston Everyone knows that one of the principal grievances of the right-wing involves the substantial amount of immigration from Latin America to the United States that has taken place in recent decades. The commonly voiced concern is that the traditional “white” (Northern European) majority will lose […]

The Elite Fixation With Russiagate

By Aaron Mate The Nation No single act of Donald Trump’s presidency has engendered more criticism than his performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin. For declining to endorse US intelligence claims that the Kremlin meddled in our election and faulting both countries for the poor state […]

“The New Seven Dirty Words”

A writer from the New York Times describes how while the Right controls the foreign policy, economy and legal system of the United States, the Left controls the culture, with offenses to PC taking the place of traditional forms of obscenity. This speaker’s perspective is interesting given that […]

Trump’s Iran Regime Change Fantasies

The most dangerous aspect of the current political situation in the United States is the belligerent attitude of the Trump administration toward Iran, followed by the liberal-left’s belligerence toward Russia. By Doug Bandow The American Conservative Candidate Donald Trump campaigned against Washington’s foolish Middle East wars. President Donald […]


The meme below was recently posted on Facebook with the following comments by a proponent of “anarcho-coalitionism”: #AnarchoCoalitionism is militant panarchy. It’s the only way forward. The elites LIKE the masses fighting amongst each other, and that doesn’t change, no matter how “woke” you are. You are not […]

In Praise of Jeff Bezos

By Sean Gabb According to a report on the BBC website, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the richest man in the world, with an alleged personal fortune of £113bn. The usual suspects have raised their arms in outrage at the news. Oxfam drew fresh attention to […]

The Left’s Holocaust Deniers

By Matthew Blackwell Quillette Looking out across the yellow-washed angular buildings that clutter the inner city of Phnom Penh in 2016, hindsight fills me with anxiety. Imagining myself here in 1975, I recall the jubilant and cheering crowds in the spring of that year who weren’t privy to […]

The China Threat-Not!

It’s interesting how so many right-leaning folks get it right on Russia, only to lose their minds on China. Um, um, Tucker, China has exactly one military base outside it’s national borders (in East Africa). The USA has hundreds. No need to sweat. Much ado is always made […]

Reflections on Idiocracy

A Facebook reader comments: “The original Black Panthers were pretty awesome too. I haven’t seen any leftist groups that are even on their level either these days. Even the 70’s radical groups were more respectable. I rate The Weathermen who were the most notorious toilet bombers of that […]

Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose – Open Borders

A Facebook commentator recently added this response to this debate: In any polarised debate, seek the excluded middle! What neither position here seems to address is the question of commons, which historically acted as a mediator between private property and collectively owned resources. Meanwhile, the allocation of commons […]

Reflections on Anarchist Rivalries

Recently an article on Medium attacked the National-Anarchist Movement, whose second annual conference was recently held in London. Read the original article here. This was my response: Some of the comments in this article are extraordinarily misinformed. National-Anarchism is very similar to older ecumenical anarchist tendencies like panarchism, […]