Month: June 2018

The Third Totalitarianism

By Darksphere It is a generally recognised fact amongst historians that there exist two totalitarian ideologies: Nazism and Communism. When looking at Nazism and Communism one will see that they have one thing in common: They do not recognise the importance of the single human being. The only […]

“Tribes” Magazine Now Available!

The new magazine of the National-Anarchist Movement, “Tribes,” is now available. Please contact me through this website’s contact page or via Facebook for inquiries about orders. Complimentary copies will be provided on a selective basis to reviewers, publishers, academics and journalists. Contents Editorial by Troy Southgate The Challenge […]

Where Are You as an Anarchist?

Guide to anyone confused (left to right, top row): – Anarcho-Capitalists – Anarcho-Communists – Anarcho-Syndicalists – Anarcho-Primitivists – Mutualists – Agorists – Anarcho-Transhumanists – Queer-Anarchists – Anarcha-Feminists – Anarcho-Pacifists – Egoist-Anarchists – Individualist-Anarchists – Anarchists Without Adjectives “This chart would be an overview of interaction between various N-AM […]

The Future of the American Political Landscape

In a few decades, perhaps sooner, the American political landscape will likely look something like the following: The “intellectual dark web” circle around Dave Rubin will be considered the “far right” (the way Richard Spencer is considered “far right” at present). Someone with the views of Hillary Clinton […]

The Rise of the Authoritarian Left

I am seeing more and more articles like this from leftists who are starting to get it. This is an interesting and entirely accurate statement from the comments thread that follows this article on Medium: “As I’ve said before, this is the first time I’ve encountered authoritarians as […]

In Search for Fool’s Gold

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Academic Composition  From Kindergarten to High School, America’s youngsters are taught that education is the key to success in life. The underlying explanation is simple and straight-forward. In order to land a high-paying job, you must be able to think critically and display a good […]

Bill Lind on International Geopolitics

Leading fourth generation warfare theorist Bill Lind has a number of important new posts on international relations/foreign policy up on the Traditional Right blog. By William S. Lind Traditional Right A Disastrous Decision-Or is it? (on Trump, Iran and North Korea) Israel, Gaza, and Fourth Generation Warfare Another […]