How Assad tortures and kills Syria’s pacifist young leftists

A global anti-state front would necessarily have to oppose the Atlanticist-Zionist-Wahhabi empire (the dominant faction of the international class) while simultaneously opposing all states everywhere. Obviously, this would have to be a very careful balancing act.

By Josepha Ivanka Wessels

Open Democracy

Why is it that the brightest peaceful activists who preach freedom against violence are the first to be killed by the Assad regime?

From left to right: Ghiath Matar, Rami Hennawi, Bassel Khartabil (Safadi). Last week Rami Hennawi’s family received the news from Syrian authorities that their son and partner died in prison and they can collect his body. Rami was a pacifist leftist young activist who was detained in 2012. Five years he spent in the most inhumane conditions in one of Assad’s torture houses.Rami came from Sweida, a majority Druze city under regime control and generally considered pro-Assad. But in fact, the underground resistance against Assad in Sweida is strong. If anything, localsin Sweida remembered the anti-colonial hero Sultan Basha al-Atrash, leader of the 1925 Great Syrian Revolt, and on several occasions congregated in front of his statue to voice their opposition against Assad.  This is why the Syrian regime is very wary of the underground opposition from Sweida.


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  1. As a general rule, I think anarchists should focus on attacking their own states first, i.e. American anarchists should emphasize anti-Americanism, Russian anarchists should emphasize anti-Russianism. In particular, all anarchists everywhere should oppose attacks by their own states against other states. US anarchists shouldn’t be focused on problematic aspect of the Assad regime. That would be the prerogative of anarchists in states that are part of the Eastern axis. Western anarchists need to focus on attacking their own states, not states that are the official enemies of their own states. The same would be true of Eastern anarchists as well. For instance, in the Western world we should generally be inclined to create propaganda that portrays Russia, China, and Syria in a positive light in order to counter elite propaganda against these regimes. By the same taken it is not unreasonable for Russia, Chinese, or Syrian dissidents to be less concerned about opposing the US government than opposing their own governments. It is also advisable to develop underground ties between dissidents in all nations.

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