Month: April 2018

How State-Capitalism Co-opts the Left

Some interesting observations from Troy Southgate on why the Left fails through co-optation, and why the Western world is drifting leftward culturally even as state-capitalism is tightening its grip. “The concluding paragraph in ‘Cultures of Post-War British Fascism’ (Routledge, 2015), by John E. Richardson of Loughborough University, in […]

Why Taxation Should be Voluntary

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Academic Composition Republicans and Democrats disagree about the role that the government should play in providing social services. The former insists that it should be smaller and intervene less in the economy. In contradistinction, the latter maintains that the public interest would be better served […]

Goodbye the Left

From a leftist who learned the hard way. I would actually argue that all modern political philosophy is leftist, at least from John Locke onward. So if you’re not a throne and altar traditionalist, a religious theocrat, or a revolutionary rightist (fascist,  national socialist), then you’re a leftist. […]

Power and the Main Threat to Liberty

Jeffrey Tucker responds to Goofy Gillis. By Jeffrey Tucker American Institute for Economic Research William Gillis’s review of my book Right-Wing Collectivism is complimentary but critical on many points and mainly on one central point to which he continually returns. He believes that my focus on state power […]

Right-Wing Collectivism

Goofy Gillis reviews Jeffrey Tucker. By William Gillis Center for a Stateless Society There are few figures the alt-right hate more than Jeffrey Tucker — which may be something of a plot twist, given his alleged hand in the racist Ron Paul newsletters of the 80s. Yet Tucker […]

Donald Trump: Business as Usual But…

My assessment of the Trump presidency thus far. By Keith Preston When Donald Trump’s seemingly maverick presidential campaign began to accelerate in 2016, both the Left and Right in domestic U.S. politics began to formulate predictable reactions almost on cue. Virtually the entire spectrum of the American right-wing, […]