Month: April 2018

Conservative Policy, Populist Attitude

Benny Shapiro, a former Never Trumper, recognizes Trumpism has been totally and predictably coopted by the neocon/plutocrat/Zionist alliance that controls the GOP. By Ben Shapiro National Review The danger is that the latter will toxify the former. This was supposed to be the year conservatism saw its end. […]

Bill Lind on Syria

I concur. By William S. Lind Traditional Right The latest cruise missile caracole aimed at Syria was militarily meaningless.  A few empty buildings were destroyed, residents of Damascus and Homs lost a couple hours of sleep and honor was satisfied.  The only thing missing was Handel’s Musick for […]

Goodbye, Jehovah

The changing religious demographics of the United States. I was not previously aware that Christian orthodoxy had experienced this much of a decline. It also appears that in the future Christian orthodoxy may be the domain primarily though not exclusively of ethnic minorities. The possible political implications of […]

When Conservatives Become Outcasts

The Southern Poverty Law Center now attacks religious conservatives and mainstream political conservatives in the same way it attacks white supremacist organizations. The further leftward the wider society, government and culture drift, the more people and groups with “conservative” values will be on the receiving end of such […]

What Should Anti-Imperialists Do?

A reader asks this question: Hi, Keith. I am concerned that a lot [of]anti-imperialists are so used to America being the only and worst empire, that they are blind to foreign powers interested in becoming the next America, in the same way anarcho-capitalists are blind to the possibility […]

The Spectrum of Opinion on Syria

Surveying the range of opinion that has been expressed on Syria, the positions of various ideological factions seem to be breaking down along these lines. The entire spectrum of the “mainstream media” seems to be cheerleading for the attacks on Syria. Of course, the spectrum from MSNBC to […]

Against NATO’s Imperialist Attacks in Syria

Internationalist Commune of Rojava It’s Going Down The following statement comes from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, and denounces the recent bombings carried out by NATO forces in Syria, which have been being planned for weeks, and carried out under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention.’ From the Internationalist […]

Tom Woods on Syria

Some relevant comments from leading Rothbardian libertarian Tom Woods on Syria: “Well, Woods’s Law is on full display these days: No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up with John McCain. It’s as if the President, in his scramble to imitate Jeb! and Graham, forgot that […]

The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots

This is an interesting blog with an extensive amount of commentary about Syria. This blogger seems to hold to some kind of anti-Assad, Syrian leftist opposition perspective, and seems a bit soft on Western intervention. One thing I am not getting from this blog is an explanation of […]

Tucker Carlson on Syria

Thus far, Tucker Carlson has been, to my knowledge, the only mainstream media figure to challenge the System’s narrative on Syria. It’s interesting how the Republican Senator being interviewed said, “If you care about Israel…” the first time he opened his mouth. What if you don’t care about […]

This Revolution Is Non-Ideological

Absolutely correct. Ultimately, the battle is not between East and West, which merely represent different wings of the international elite. Nor it is about Democrats and Republicans, which merely represent different wings of the domestic elite. Nor is it about the “far left” or the “far right,” both […]