Month: March 2018

Is Tribalism Really on the Rise? Meh.

The rise of the Meh Tribe? By Heather Wilhelm National Review Fury and finger-pointing are all the rage on social media. Plenty of Americans just shrug. ‘By now we all understand that America is in the grip of political tribalism,” Yale professor Amy Chua wrote in the February […]

Congressman Criticizes U.S. Mint for “Disappointing and Concerning” Inaction on Counterfeit Precious Metals Coins

By J P Cortez U.S. Secret Service Also Frustrated with U.S. Mint’s “Lack of Supporting Action” Washington, DC (March 12, 2018) – Congressmen Alex Mooney (R-WV) criticized the United States Mint for its “disappointing and concerning” lack of awareness or action on the growing problem of high-quality counterfeits […]

No, Fascism Can’t Happen Here

An excellent analysis based on a serious understanding of how modern liberal-democratic corporate-public administration states actually work. By Tyler Cowen The Atlantic And the reason has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Could it ever happen here? Fascism, that is. That question is a standard refrain from American […]


By John Zube Panarchy.Org All individual rights & liberties, clearly declared and widely appreciated and respected vs. governmental bills of rights, human rights declarations like that of the UN, including wrongful but legalized claims against others, in “Welfare States”, as if they were basic rights or liberties. All […]

Nihilist Hedonism; or Cyberpunk as Eutopia

An interesting application of Stirnerite principles. Anarcho-Dictator Instead of a Blog I do not believe in objective standards, norms, ends, means or values; but I have a strong preference for the combination of hardass and self-indulgent traits one finds in the mercenary reaver cultures of places like medieval […]

An Omnidirectional Approach to Anti-Authoritarianism

Secret Transmissions “Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.” ― Robert Anton Wilson  I can think of no better term to describe my political philosophy than anti-authoritarian. That simple term encapsulates my most consistently held beliefs concerning the nature of relations between individual, society and state. That I […]