Speak Me Dangerous Reply

Fed court says to let El Chapo speak publicly is too dangerous.



El Chapo was denied the request to speak in fed court 2 days ago after prosecutors and a US judge agreed on the possibility of El Chapo trying to send Narco Don type “messages to his family,” or something shady. This is CYA for senior management of the Security State: if El Chapo escapes from custody a third time – that would look pretty bad. He’s being kept inside a one man max security bubble with restrictions on him greater than the ones placed on Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. El Chapo isn’t even allowed to be in the same room with his lawyers, although the court did allow him to smile at his 28-year old beauty queen wife and their two twin daughters during the pre-trial. He’s lucky the feds didn’t make him wear a Hannibal Mask in the courtroom.

Americans do love smiley faces.

During my time at The Daily Attack News I followed as many fourth generation models of warfare possible and spent enough time covering the narco wars to give my $0.02. Most Americans know the name El Chapo through news reports or maybe from the Forbes World’s Top Billionaires List of 2009 but I don’t think too many people understand who this man really is.

First, El Chapo never liked violence. Especially unnecessary violence. He thought it was bad PR, bad for business, bad for the country, and really bad for the drug trade generally. He wanted the Sinaloas to maintain the traditonal Amado Carrillo model of the Gentleman, where men are capable of making sound decisions at the right times, working with the right people, and taking care of the right officials to keep the supply lines running without Mexicans drilling other Mexicans over dollar signs.

Mexico was dealing with a violence problem long before the narco wars obviously, and since the police in Mexico are so fucked off, the Sinaloas live by the principle of “taking out your own trash” (same principle upheld by whites and Mexicans in US prisons, while blacks keep the rats and chomos in their populations to have the numbers). Most of the pre-narco war violence employed by the Sinaloa Cartel was mainly focused on keeping their backyard clean from loose cannons, kidnappers, car thieves, pedophiles, dirty dope fiends and other random fire starters who would prey on civilians in Sinaloa. This was something El Chapo picked up from the old Don Arturo of the Beltran Levya Cartel. It’s more of a tradition specific to Sinaloa-born narcos for the most part.

The way I understand it, the Sinaloa Cartel becomes violent when it needs to be. When the ultra violent Zetas hit the scene doing what they were doing in Mexico somebody had to stop them. This is not to glorify the Sinaloa Cartel in any way, as the Sinaloa Cartel is a Drug Cartel and the guys in charge of SC security operations have no problem sending drill teams in mini vans with sliding doors and machine guns and all that stuff. “La Barbie,” the white American Mexican hitman from Texas, who was largely in charge of the Chapos’ security arm for some time, specialized in video taped torture and other various methods of Mexican message-sending.

So these guys do have a thing for sending messages, and people on the inside aren’t impossible to get to. Sinaloas have an impressive history of payroll-keeping which includes mayors, journalists, army insiders and little cop bitches. The Mexican Mafia controls the Mexicans in US State prisons (not sure how it works in fed prison) and the Sinaloas have long since had Mexican Mafia contacts who have died for the Sinaloa Cartel (i.e. “Danny Boy”). However, U.S. fed-holding is much different from State holding.

On one hand, the lock against El Chapo’s request to speak publicly validates the fact that even though El Chapo is chained up like a Great Dane, federal police know they are nowhere even remotely close to beginning to touch Chapo’s interests.

On the other hand, the style of silencing an individual’s speech by legal rule is not the same as silencing someone with a Mexican hitman; however, there is a sense of irony in seeing El Chapo silenced from speaking publicly on the narco wars after running Cartel numero uno from the world capital of dead journalists where literally hundreds of journalists were silenced for attempting to speak out publicly about the narco wars in Mexico.

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