Month: February 2018

Democrats Should Blame Themselves, Not the Russians, for Trump’s Election: Keith Preston Interviewed by C-Realm Radio

Listen here. A C-Realm listener commented that some of “the denizens of various C-Realm-adjacent parts of cyberspace” aren’t much impressed with the narrative that Russian interference in the 2016 election put Donald Trump in the White House. KMO isn’t remotely impressed by this narrative, nor is this week’s guest, […]

Thinking Critically About Social Justice

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Here’s the money quote: “Marx proposed that a society’s morality serves the interests of its ruling class, while purporting to be universal. Capitalist societies, he argued, have a morality centred around classical liberal principles such as the sanctity of […]

The Fear of the State

Most research shows that we live in a far more peaceful time than previous periods in human history. It’s a complicated topic with a lot of incomplete data for a massively huge period of examination, but the current conventional wisdom follows from Dr. Pinker’s study of the long […]

“Study Death Always”

I enjoyed this. —- By James S Romm Why Seneca’s advice for living centered on dying. Recent experiments have shown that psilocybin, a compound found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, can greatly reduce the fear of death in terminal cancer patients. The drug imparts “an understanding that in the largest […]

“Disunite and Be Dominated!”

Baraka was one of the great American black nationalist writers of the 20th century. His point is this statement is what I have always said as well. Merely promoting demographic conflict helps rather than hurts the system. Look at how easily the system has coopted anti-racism, feminism, gay […]

The Alt-Right is Gay

One thing about European New Right philosophy that I think is right is that America is a completely separate culture and civilization from Europe even if it is a derivative in many ways. Interestingly, North American New Righters try to be more European culturally and intellectually even if […]