Month: December 2017

With the rise of the alt-right, Latino white supremacy may not be a contradiction in terms

Soon there will be articles in the press discussing the serious and imminent dangers posed by African-American white supremacists. “Clayton Bigsby is not just a fictional character!” By Gabriela Resto-Montero Mic   White nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the alt-right exchange insults with counterprotesters as they enter Emancipation […]

Political correctness isn’t the problem

The problem I see with the line of argumentation that’s being made in this piece is the implicit assumption that because right-wing authoritarians actually exist (duh?) and that many representatives of the centrist establishment are scumbags (duh?), that left-wing authoritarianism does not exist, or is somehow not problematic. […]

EEOC’s Enemy Of Religious Liberty

As I predicted, Trump has been the most liberal president the US has ever had on social issues, other than Obama. An appointment of this type would have never happened under any previous administration, except the Obama administration. By Rod Dreher The American Conservative Has the Trump Administration […]

The Exit Principle

If the objective of pan-anarchism/anarcho-pluralism is the replacement of states with societies organized on the basis of decentralized, voluntary associations, then a question that arises involves the issue of what kinds criteria individual communities would have to meet of qualify as legitimate voluntary associations of these kinds. The […]

No Kings, No Feudal Lords

This a a great cartoon in the sense that is parodies the reflexive sentiments of “conservatives” in the vein of FOX News fans and “dittoheads,” who echo Ayn Rand’s claim that “big business is the most persecuted minority,” or Cool Hand Luke’s quip that, “Them poor ole bosses […]

Return of the city-state

By Jamie Bartlett If you’d been born 1,500 years ago in southern Europe, you’d have been convinced that the Roman empire would last forever. It had, after all, been around for 1,000 years. And yet, following a period of economic and military decline, it fell apart. By 476 […]

Are Startup Societies the Way Forward?

An interesting conference on startup societies is coming up next month at Georgetown University. Get the details here. Startup societies may be a way to develop the infrastructure that is needed for a broader pan-secessionist action against central governments and the global corporatocracy. Anarchist and other radical organizations […]


Anarcho-Dictator Instead of a Blog If you don’t like what we tell you to believe in we’ll kill ya. – Misquotation of G. W. Bush After 9/11 a lot of ‘terrorism’ think-tankery poured out of academia and media, most of which was totally garbage. Atheologians and Objectivists wrote […]

Whither the Antiwar Movement?

This article provides a pretty good overview of why the antiwar movement is so tiny and ineffectual. The antiwar movement of the early 2000s was a cover for an anti-Republican movement, that quickly disappeared when Barack Obama was elected, even if there were no substantive changes in US […]

Cliches of Statism, and How to Answer Them

Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux discuss many of the cliches libertarians find themselves having to answer, involving child labor, labor unions, monopolies, the environment, and more. Listen here. I generally agree with the content of this discussion, except, like most mainstream libertarians, they’re going far too easy on […]

Would Libertarianism Make People Fat?

In the spirit of Paul LaFargue and Bob Black. This is precisely the kind of libertarianism we need, not bourgeois conservatism or SJW ninnyism. “But freedom will make people lazy and decadent!” Response” “Yeah? What of it?” Anarcho-Dictator Without all the taxes and regulations that force people to […]