Month: November 2017

Radicalism is on the rise in American politics

Another article by Kotkin that is consistent with my own analysis of domestic US politics as well. Domestic US politics at present can be divided into four basic factions: The Dominant Faction. Centrist neoliberals representing the rising techno-oligarchy, Wall Street and Kotkin’s “new clerisy” embedded in the managerial […]

Joel Kotkin’s The New Class Conflict

Telos Press published this a few years ago. Joel Kotkin’s approach to class analysis is pretty much the same as my own. Kotkin’s approach to domestic American class analysis makes for an important complement to the international class analysis offered by Hardt and Negri. In ways not seen […]

Against Plutocratic Communism

“Plutocratic Communism” is a great term. Communism was one of the biggest scams in history. “Wealth and property are bad! Let’s give it all to the state!” Not even the priestly conjurers of god-emperors or the divine right of kings came up with something that good. Communism was […]

Exiting Anarchist Politics

By Regan Keely The Conscious Resistance What is an Exitarian? Discussing exiting “anarchist politics”, opening up the free market of governance, and implementing it in the real world in an actual framework of free, decentralized communities. Friends, we are the pioneers of a post-political world. We seek to […]

The Alt Right Among Other Rights

This is the text of a lecture I gave to the H.L. Mencken Club on November 4, 2017. By Keith Preston Speaking about the intricacies of different ideological tendencies can often be a bit tedious, and certainly a topic like the Alt-Right can get very complicated because there […]

What a Stirnerite!

Interview with former Alcatraz convict and depression-era gangster, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis (AZ-325). He was a key member of the Karpis/Barker gang, a criminal organization that terrorized the Midwest in the 1930s. Karpis spent nearly 26 years on Alcatraz, a record.

The Hezbollah Model Wins

The model that all anarchists and anti-statists need to be studying. One of our objectives should be to develop non-state political and militia confederations that will usurp many of the functions currently provided by states, with the goal of eventually superseding states. By William S. Lind Traditional Right […]

The Problem With Anarchism

A minarchist challenge to the anarchist position. Frankly, the anarchist vs. minarchist debate has never interested me much because both positions are so far from where we are now it’s hardly a pressing issue. Let’s just keeping chipping away at the state until the last one out turns […]

President Trump’s Fateful Choice

The Trump administration is Republican business as usual, as virtually all serious observers predicted it would be. The great thing about the Trump presidency is not only is Trump generally unpopular outside of his dying right-wing of the WASP middle class “base,” but he is demonstrating that Presidents […]