Why Left and Right Are Not Enough

This is a map of the present state of U.S. politics designed by a well-known antifa intellectual apologist.

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With the exception of the dubious claim that the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis are a genuine part of the Republican Party, I generally agree with this map. In reality, the leadership of the Alt-Right has for years gone out of its way to denounce the Republican Party and “movement conservatism” (whom they constantly refer to as “cucks’) even if it has opportunistically tried to attach itself to Trumpism at times, with the favor hardly being returned. Sorry, my Alt-Right friends, but a billionaire Zionist plutocrat and New York liberal who became a Republican only for opportunistic reasons doesn’t give a damn about your white ethnostate.

However, another interesting feature of this map is that there is no distinction made between “anarchists” and “revolutionary Marxists.” Once again, anarchists are falling into the same trap that has plagued anarchists since the time of the First International, and that is this chronic inability to avoid aligning itself with the hard Left. While some Antifa types might fancy themselves as “anarchists” or “libertarian communists” their movement is already heavily infiltrated by Maoists and other “red fascists.”

As I have been saying for decades now, anarchists need to position themselves as a revolutionary center that is totally opposed to the liberal-capitalist status quo while at the same time zealously safeguarding against authoritarian extremes from both the Left and Right. If neo-Nazis or neo-Communists (whose ranks include many anarcho-leftoids) posed a genuine threat to the wider society, then anarchist militias similar to Antifa or the right-wing militiamen (or the YPG/YPJ units in Rojava) might indeed be a legitimate response. However, at this point many if not most anarchists, libertarians, anti-statists, decentralists, and anti-authoritarians are regrettably oriented towards arguing and fighting with other fringe groups, or taking sides in the wider red/blue dispute that is presently going on within the ranks of the state, ruling class and power elite.

Instead, anarchists need to be developing a revolutionary center that rejects all of the aforementioned nonsense and instead seeks to cultivate all enemies of the system as allies and constituents to the degree that these enemies of the system reject statism, authoritarianism, and centralism (while recognizing that most groups are lukewarm or hit and miss on these questions). If anything, anarchists should strive to play the role of peacemakers, mediators, and negotiators between rival political, cultural, and economic factions rather than acting as partisan fanatics that engage in provocative actions that invite state repression.

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Image result for a map of the anarchist spectrum

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  1. If anything, neoliberalism is radical centrism. It has come to define the politics of all but the most reactionary elements in the west. The corporatist wants unlimited labor to exploit in the west, the leftist wants an excuse to permanently cripple known reactionaries in the west. Thus the current pogrom against the working and middle classes becomes a perfect storm of political synergy.

    One can only marvel at the magnificently orchestrated cooperation between these disparate yet constituent parts. The literal proletariat of the west being eviscerated by those who nominally sought to liberate them, and on behalf of the most overwhelmingly powerful capitalists in human history, is a breathtaking irony.

    • Excellent! We need a model that recognizes there is a left/right statist model that is juxtaposed against a left/right anti-statist model with their being a range of left/right in-between points (like Chomsky and Friedman). Your diagram indicates that pretty well.

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