Eating Three “Cucks” for Breakfast?

I find myself having many of the same criticisms of the Alt-Right that Ernst Junger had of the Nazis.

“He also found Nazi ideology to be intellectually shallow, many of the Nazi movement’s leaders to be talentless and was displeased by the vulgarity,  crassly opportunistic and overly theatrical aspects of Nazi public rallies. Always an elitist, Junger considered the Nazis’ pandering the common people to be debased…

He also dismissed their racism and anti-Semitism as ridiculous, stating that according to the Nazis a nationalist is simply someone who ‘eats three Jews for breakfast. He condemned the Nazis for pandering to the liberal middle class and reactionary traditional conservatives ‘with lengthy tirades against the decline in morals, against abortion, strikes, lockouts, and the reduction of police and military forces.'”


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  1. I have been at least peripherally associated with the Alt-Right for the entirety of its existence. I was one of the first writers originally recruited by Richard Spencer for the original AlternativeRight.Com, and I was an occasional writer for Taki’s even before that.

    As I have said on multiple occasions previously, my interest in the Alt-Right stemmed from their efforts to build an anti-neocon opposition on the Right, introduce ENR and other European right-wing ideas in the United States as an alternative to “movement conservative” nonsense, a shared interest in Nietzsche and other continental intellectuals, their generally non-interventionist foreign policy outlook, their possible constituency for pan-secessionism, and their opposition to political correctness.

    I continue to think the Alt-Right has had a positive effect in this regard in the sense of their disruptive impact on the Republican Party and conventional conservatism, and their creating of a counterbalance to PC. If anything, the Alt-Right is moving the American Right further to the left on most issues, such as foreign policy, economics, and even many cultural issues (for example, they tend to lack the moralism of the religious right, and most of the leaders of the Alt-Right that I know personally are atheists or neo-pagans). Interestingly, however, the Alt-Right is to the right of conventional American conservatism on only three issues: race, gender, and elitism. Of course, to contemporary liberals and leftists race, gender and general egalitarianism are the most sacred values, so naturally the Left has a serious hair up its ass over the Alt-Right.

    However, in recent years the Alt-Right has increasingly assumed the trappings of American style white nationalism and moved away from the Alain de Benoist model. This can only be seen as a very serious degeneration of the Alt-Right. As it has grown in size, the Alt-Right has also degenerated in terms of general quality from high brow intellectualism to a more circus like atmosphere as I predicted it would: http://www.radixjournal.com/altright-archive/altright-archive/main/blogs/zeitgeist/our-glenn-beck

    This was evidenced by the way in which the Alt-Right was suckered by billionaire plutocratic, Kissinger-connected, Zionist-Wahhabist allied Donald Trump, a grotesque error in judgment if ever there was one, and one that I repeatedly warned against. Happily, much of the Alt-Right seemed to receive a wake up call following Trump’s attack on Syria. However, the Alt-Right continues to increasingly assume the character of “Social Justice Warriors of the Right” or “Antifa of the Right.” A coterie of right-wing SJWs or right-wing Antifa is no more acceptable than those of the leftist variety. Even worse, the Alt-Right seems to have abandoned any libertarian, anti-statist, decentralist, ethno-pluralist, federal populist or national-anarchist impulses or inclinations it ever had in favor of (at best) conventional right-wing statism or (even worse) totalitarianism, the cult of the leader, or even imperialism. For example, Richard Spencer has embraced as a political model the Roman empire (in other words, the present system, only presumably more white-centric).

    It would appear at this point that the Alt-Right is dead as a geuinely revolutionary or even oppositional force in the USA. Over time, it’s more moderate wing will be coopted as the populist-nationalist wing of the GOP, right along side the American exceptionalists, imperialists, neocons, right-wing plutocrats, Elmer Gantry evangelicals, corporate libertarians, and “red state fascists.” And it’s more extreme wing will increasingly resemble the marginalized far right racists from past times such as Tom Metzger’s WAR or Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance even if they do not assume the specific ideological or aesthetic expressions of these.

  2. What a load of cuck bullshit from the both of you. Whites are facing total dispossession and extermination in the near future, but dammit, if only the sole opposition to this genocide were less intellectually shallow, if only they adopted libertarianism and ethno-pluralism, why by God then we’d fight! This is the essence of cuckery, avoidance of conflict until some moving set of standards, which are generally dictated by the opposition, are met. Usually on the third of never.

    A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law, would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means. – Our Boy Tommy

    • Here are a couple of articles I wrote a few years back offering tactical advice to folks with views not unlike yours:



      Here is another similar article I wrote last year for AmRen:


      If you are serious about reversing what you regard as the demographic decline among white Americans, your best bet from a strategic perspective would be to build a broad-based right-wing populism that combined civic nationalism with secession and decentralization, and whose principal issue would be the repeal of the 1965 immigration law and replacing it with something more like the 1921 immigration law, or simply allowing states and localities to decide their own immigration policy.

      White nationalism will never be anything other than a fringe force in American political culture, and one which many people find repellent or odious. The civil rights revolution of the mid to late twentieth century is now a deeply ingrained aspect of American culture. It’s part of the civil religion. It’s not going away anymore that the US is going to rejoin the British Crown.

      • Don’t get me wrong I’m fine with WNs, MRAs, Evangelicals, Catholic traditionalists, gun owners, property owners, tax payers, pro-lifers, immigration restrictionists, meat eaters, smokers, etc having their own identity politics and single issue groups just like their counterparts on the Left have similar groups of their own. It’s fine to criticize mass immigration, political correctness, the Israel Lobby, the SPLC/ADL, affirmative action, crime rates in African-American communities, etc. just like your opponents can voice their criticisms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, speciesism, ablism, agism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, patriarchy, hierachy, producerism, and all kinds of other Isms, Archies, and Phobias.

        I’m just interested in issues beyond the “Who is most oppressed?” pissing contest like international relations, statecraft, forms of government, economics, political economy, law, etc. I am interested in power analysis in general. I have yet to see where the Alt-Right has developed an inherently superior body of meta-politics than any of their rivals or opponents, left or right.

        You’re right that persons of purely Western European ancestry will be just another minority in the US by the end of this century, but this does mean that the dominance of Caucasians per se will end. Western Europeans may be a minority but a large minority and a very powerful and influential minority (think of your archenemies the Jews as a role model to emulate in this regard).

        Meanwhile, the umbrella of who gets countered as white/Caucasian will continue to expand as it has in the past. The WASP paradigm was previously expanded to include Germans, Irish and Catholics, and then Southern and Eastern Europeans and Russians (“white ethnics”).. It will continue to be expanded to include white Hispanics, white Arabs, Persians, Central Asians (“the Caucasus”), half-Jews, half-Asians, half-Indians, half-Native Americans, light-skinned African-Americans, one-eighth Africans, etc.

        Everything will be fine.

    • I also noticed this comment in your post:

      “What a load of cuck bullshit from the both of you.”

      Who is this “both”? Myself and Ernst Junger? You do realize that Junger died around 20 years ago, and the material from Junger I was citing was written in the 1920s, don’t you?

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