Month: July 2017

Kid Rock for the Senate?

I am very much in favor of this. Perhaps the most important precedent that Trump has set is the increased blending of celebrity culture with politics and government. This has the effect of delegitmizing the state by making affairs of state look ridiculous. The objective should be to […]

2017 H.L. Mencken Club Conference

THE TENTH ANNUAL H.L. MENCKEN CLUB CONFERENCE THE FUTURE OF THE RIGHT: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? NOVEMBER 3-4, 2017 To register, please click here. Friday, November 3rd 5:00-7:00 PM – Registration and Reception 7:00-10:00 PM – Banquet Moderator – James Kalb Presidential Address: Who Might Succeed the Conservative Establishment? […]

Where Technophobia Meets Lenin

A review of Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How, by Theodore John Kaczynski. Fitch and Madison Publishers, 2016. By Keith Preston Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How is a work by Theodore John”Ted” Kaczynski, otherwise known as the “Unabomber” terrorist, a former mathematics professor who sought to fight what he […]

Institutionalized Racism: Yes or No?

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance tries to understand the concept of “institutional racism.” Racism is said to be what holds back blacks and whites in American society, but there just don’t seem to be enough racist people or deliberately racist practices to explain large gaps in achievement. The […]

Christians Are Not Victims of Discrimination, Liberals Say After Discriminating Against Christians

By Napp Nazworth Christian Post Almost daily I encounter messages saying that conservative Christians should stop “pretending” to be victims of discrimination. I encounter these messages about as often as messages arguing in favor of discriminating against Christians. Why the cognitive dissonance? “Christians haven’t been discriminated against like […]

A Little Less Piousness, Please

A review of The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner. Translated with a new introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher. Underworld Amusements. By Keith Preston An apparently controversial publisher has issued a new translation of a controversial book. The original work in question is Max Stirner’s egoist classic, originally […]

The Emptiness of “The Left”

By William Gillis Center for a Stateless Society Personally, I don’t think “the left” ultimately represents much of anything coherent, but rather constitutes a historically contingent coalition of ideological positions. Bastiat and other free market folks sat on the left of the french assembly, and while we might […]

Zionism and the Power Elite

By Keith Preston Any discussion of the relationship between Zionism and the “power elite” in Western countries must inevitably begin with a qualification of meanings, as these terms have been used in ways as to imply multiple definitions. For purposes of this discussion, the term “Zionism” is meant […]

Some Reflections on Anti-Zionism

By Keith Preston It is fashionable in many of the political circles that I travel in to attribute a range of problems involving international relations, along with other concerns, to “Zionism.” Used in these contexts, Zionism has two meanings, i.e. the state-nationalism of the Israeli regime itself, and […]

Left, Right And The Russian Connection: An Interview With Alexander Reid Ross And Eric Draitser

It’s interesting to compare this article with the Caleb Maupin piece. Maupin represents the authoritarian Stalinist Left, while Draister and Reid-Ross represent the authoritarian neo-Marxist/SJW/Antifa Left that is presently being coopted by hammer and sicklers (predominantly Maoists and Trotskyists). The principal different between the two camps seems to […]

A New, New Right Rises in Germany

An usually fair discussion of the European right-wing from a liberal source. The populist-nationalist movements of the present day are the contemporary equivalent of the Luddites, i.e. common people who understandably regret their way of life is passing due to globalization, immigration, multiculturalism, technology, economics, and cultural change, […]

Black and White, Unite and Fight!

The extent to which most people react to a particular situation or event is quite remarkable and to suggest that such behaviour impairs their overall judgement in terms of lacking the fundamental ability to make an accurate and realistic analysis of the realities behind the political, social and […]

Attacking the Left from the Left

“I believe that Herr Marx is a very serious if not very honest revolutionary, and that he really is in favour of the rebellion of the masses, and I wonder how he manages to overlook the fact that the establishment of a universal dictatorship, collective or individual, a […]

Changing the World-for Real

“This is what we humans call Planet Earth. A big, blue-green mass of globular rotation with a surface of around 510 million km². Now, as you will observe, it is shown without borders or boundaries. Not because we National-Anarchists believe in the abolition of borders and boundaries, of […]

No, It’s Not about “Globalism vs. Nationalism”

It’s about globalism/globalization vs non-state actors. Some thoughts on the present political polarization, geopolitical rivalries, the G20, and “populist-nationalism.” The present political polarization represents an effort by the various factions of the ruling class attempting to create constituencies for themselves. Most of the mainstream media represents the dominant […]