Month: June 2017

On the Democracy and Anarchism Debate

By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society In “The Regime of Liberty,” Gabriel Amadej advocates the Proudhonian ideal – reflected in the dictum “property is liberty” – of some individual sphere of last resort where means of subsistence are secure from the will of the majority: “Democracy […]

Do Fascists and Marxists Actually Exist?

No, says Paul Gottfried. By Paul Gottfried The American Conservative Women’s March, March 2017. Photo by Mark Dixon/Flickr/Creative Commons During last year’s election season, we were treated to multiple comments about how Donald J. Trump was no Edmund Burke.  As a historian and political observer I find such […]

Embracing the Antinomies

By Shawn Wilbur Center for a Stateless Society It should be clear that one of the key conflicts in these debates about anarchy and democracy is a struggle over the nature of anarchism. And it is probably safe to say that nearly all anarchists wrestle with the difficulties […]

Anarchism and Democracy: A Response to Goodman

By William Gillis Center for a Stateless Society Nathan Goodman brings an interesting definition of “democracy” to the conversation — and one that I didn’t preemptively critique — openness. Seeking to bridge the oft-stated dichotomy of markets and democracy, Nathan cites Don Lavoie’s conception which essentially posits markets […]

They’re Wrong About Everything

By Matthew Continetti National Review More evidence the political class doesn’t know what it’s talking about Events are turning me into a radical skeptic. I no longer believe what I read, unless what I am reading is an empirically verifiable account of the past. I no longer have […]

D.C. cops used ‘rape as punishment’ after Inauguration Day mass arrests, lawsuit says

By Alan Pyke Think Progress When black-clad marchers began smashing windows in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day, the city’s police force — reputedly the best in the country at upholding protesters’ rights during disruptive demonstrations — went nuclear. Officers quickly deployed pepper spray, tear gas, and crowd-control grenades of various types. The […]

The Next Wave of Anarchist Movements

A reader on Facebook recently asked me for a definition of National-Anarchism, and my response is posted below. I think this is a pretty good summary of the ATS philosophy and the general pan-anarchist perspective as well. This definition is broad enough to include the many hyphenated forms […]

Great Degree Choices for People Who Enjoy History and Politics

University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Find out more about this program at When choosing that “perfect” career path it’s important to think about a variety of different factors and criteria with the goal of picking a career that is rewarding and enjoyable for you. […]

The Centralising Axiom

By Chris Shaw The multiple debates surrounding ideology constantly devolve into simplistic concepts like capitalism and socialism, referring to each other as opposing axiomatic systems that proffer significantly different visions of the world. However, both are fundamentally centralist systems. They understand society, economy and politics as universalisable wholes […]

Politics and Anarchist Ideals

By Jessica Flanagan Center for a Stateless Society A fundamental difference between anarchism and statism is that anarchists do not assume that public officials are any more morally entitled to use force or to threaten people with violence than anyone else1. Anarchists therefore argue that officials are not entitled […]

Demolish the Demos

By Grayson English Center for a Stateless Society There has long been a certain kind of democratic spirit in anarchism. Of course when we bring forth the imagery of statist and authoritarian injustice, we feel the rhetorical pull to illustrate it as a collective issue: one that is […]

The Regime of Liberty

By Gabriel Amadej Center for a Stateless Society The relationship between democracy and anarchism is undoubtedly a contentious one. In his work The Principle of Federation1, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon makes it clear that democracy has an important legacy to respect. Because Proudhon declared that Universal Suffrage was above The […]

The Linguistics of Democracy

By Alexander Reid Ross Center for a Stateless Society This piece is the fourth essay in the June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: “Anarchy and Democracy.” Democracy is a word that evokes an array of affective responses depending on time, place, and people involved. For the Patriot movement, democracy […]

Shitocracy: Rule by Excrement

By Keir Martland Proudboy Mag What is the difference between our political setup in the West and that of, say, Iran? Why, we are “democracies”! In the countries of the West, we rule ourselves, whether directly through plebiscites or indirectly through electing deputies. This, any constitutional textbook will […]

Democracy Isn’t Working

By Rik Storey AltRight.Com Democracy is failing citizens across the West, society is polarising, and the achievement of your goals in the future is becoming increasingly uncertain. No, ‘the people’ cannot be trusted to make the right decisions. Since Trump gloriously restricted CNN and the BBC’s press access,  […]

Democracy is for the Dogs

By Ilana Mercer A succinct distinction between a republic and a democracy shows that the American republic rests in peace and that voting in the Unites States is undeniably democratic, not republican. In “Does Democracy Promote Peace,” legal scholar James Ostrowski does just that: Democracy is nothing more […]

Zbigniew Brzezinski As I Knew Him

By Paul Craig Roberts Strategic Culture Foundation Brzezinski’s death at 89 years of age has generated a load of propaganda and disinformation, all of which serves one interest group or another or the myths that people find satisfying. I am not an expert on Brzezinski, and this is […]

Democracy, Anarchism, & Freedom

By Wayne Price Center for a Stateless Society This piece is the second essay in the June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: “Anarchy and Democracy.” “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, […]