Is the Left Moving Towards the ATS Position?

My long range vision for ARV-ATS has always been to develop an anarchist-led revolutionary Left that works with the radical Right for the purpose of dismantling the American empire (Rome on the Potomac). Now that Donald Trump has taken the throne as the latest clown-emperor, it would appear that substantial sectors of the Left are starting to realize the merits of the ARV-ATS position. This latest article in The New Republic is one of multiple articles of this kind that has appeared in era of Trump, not to mention the emergence of Calexit. See here, here, here, and here. And influential figures on the radical Right appear to be prepared to embrace the ATS position in at least a moderate form. I was hoping Trump would have this effect on the Left.

By Kevin Baker

The New Republic

Dear Red-State Trump Voter,

Let’s face it, guys: We’re done.

For more than 80 years now, we—the residents of what some people like to call Blue America, but which I prefer to think of as the United States of We Pay Our Own Damn Way—have shelled out far more in federal tax monies than we took in. We have funded massive infrastructure projects in your rural counties, subsidized your schools and your power plants and your nursing homes, sent you entire industries, and simultaneously absorbed the most destitute, unskilled, and oppressed portions of your populations, white and black alike.

All of which, it turns out, only left you more bitter, white, and alt-right than ever.

Some folks here in self-supporting America like to believe that there must be a way to bring you back to your senses and to restore rational government, if not liberal ideals, sometime in the foreseeable future. Everyone seems to have an answer for how to do this. Every day another earnest little homily finds its way to me over my internet transom: “Think locally, act globally,” or “Make art and fight the power,” or the old Joe Hill standby—“Don’t mourn. Organize.”

To which I say: Don’t organize. Pack.


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  1. Yeah these jokers are just pathetic. Red States my ass. Look at the 2016 electoral map. The USA is a red all over nation with blue ghettos living like Tumors off of it. All the blue is flat ass broke. They contribute zip, zero, zilch.
    This idea that these clowns are anarchists is ridiculous. They are all statists. They want Moar Gubmint not less. They hate Trump because he wants to dismantle Big Brother and all the sinecures built up by FDR, JFK, LBJ, Carter and Clinton.
    Obama ramped up the surveillance state to Big Brother Big, and these assholes said NOTHING. They don’t want anarchy, they want Commissars watching you, and the Nanny State nursing them straight off the gubmint teat forever.

  2. A divorce between the Left and the Right would be beneficial for both parties. Keith Baker’s article certainly makes it clear how much the Left would benefit from this. For the Right, the benefit comes in the form of a greatly reduced regulatory stranglehold.

    The key to seeing why this should be the case is a good memory. Many statist regulations have, in the past, been imposed on the people, often for little better reason than crony capitalism. To deal with pain caused to others, compensation was delivered from the budget at the time, with the compensation being slowly eroded over the years in the pursuit of balanced budgets. So we are left with a legacy of not really worthwhile regulation that is only partly compensated for.

    It is largely the Right that suffers under that regulation, and, as Keith Baker’s article effectively shows, the Left which is largely paying that compensation.

    The only winners from the Left/Right marriage are the crony capitalists. We need both sides to recognise that crony capitalism is their true enemy, and that panarchy can end this facade.

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