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Bizarro World is Here

From Andy Nowicki:

Gender traditionalists are wildly cheering a woman standing up to male chauvinists. Feminists are harrumphing over this gesture and defending social customs that require women to be submissive to men…

In other news, conservatives are angry with the CIA and view the American deep state as villainously treacherous, while liberals are rooting on these very same treacherous deep state machinations, all the while hoping for a military coup to oust a democratically-elected leader….

In still other news, right-wingers are foreign policy peaceniks feeling mellow towards Russia, while left-wingers feel that those dirty Russians are everywhere, and are aiming to undermine our American values, and that those sneaky devils can never be trusted and probably should be bombed off the map..

In still other news, hyper-PC types are rioting over a gay Jew who loves to miscegenate with well-hung black men, while the same gay miscegenating Jew is loved by people who hate PC.

I’m not sure if anyone realizes just how weird things have gotten.

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    Edgar N. Eisenhower (19 January 1889 – 12 July 1971) was a lawyer, and an older brother of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was born in Hope, Kansas and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1914.[1] He began practicing law in 1915 in Tacoma, Washington and was known as a “shoot from the hip ultraconservative.”[2]

    According to his nephew John, Edgar Eisenhower “considered President Roosevelt a work of the devil,” and “tried to talk John out of a career in the military,” saying that he “should forgo any ideas of becoming a ‘professional killer’ and go to law school at his expense, later to join his law office.'”

  2. This isn’t Bizarroworld, its a reflection of what used to be hidden and is now becoming obvious. The Left are all a bunch of posers. For all their talk of “rebellion” and Antidisestablishmentarianism, it was all an act. For one thing, these were the “teachers’ pets” and “Honor Society” asskissers and hangers-on. There is no culture as monolithic as “counter-culture”. As they aged those Baby Boomers were in lockstep right down to fashion. In the 60’s it was jeans and love beads, the 70’s they wore leisure suits and polyester, and then when they became “Yuppies” they were all tragically hip. The Left was never about rebellion. Deep down they are like sheeple. They don’t ever stand alone. Every “protest” is run by a system shill. An apparatchnik is who they all report to and follow. They don’t want to be rebels, they want to be commissars, Skippy.

    • It isn’t ‘the Left’ who do this, it’s normal people, who are weak, conformist and lazy under all circumstances. When being Christian was in, they were hypocritical drunks, cheats and vengeful parasites; when Roman virtu was cool they were hypocritical traitors, fat chicks and drag dodgers. Most conservatives today are lying reflexive Patriotards and chicken hawks who fear actual laissez-faire and very all their ideas from career think tank bureaucrats. Normies are shitty peeps, always and forever.

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