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  1. Rather, the territorialist and statist system should be overthrown, which allows people like him or Hillary to become presidents with all too much power over whole large population. If all such “leaders” are confined to their voluntary victims under their self-chosen personal law, social contract or constitution options, then they can wrong and harm only these followers, as long as they still have any. That can be peacefully achieved, after a sufficient enlightenment effort, via individual and group secessions. The resulting voluntarism and free market for different political, social and economic systems (panarchy, polyarchy etc.) would tend to prevent wars, violent revolutions, military insurrections and civil wars. Numerous changes would become possible, all merely for individuals and small groups making different choices for their own lives and affairs – just like they do now in private matters and private enterprises.

  2. Yes, because the Military loves trashy Hollywood leftists. I know dozens of active soldiers and reservists who revile these flimsy floozies. The military is not a left-wing enterprise (usually…General Júlio Botelho Moniz attempted to overthrow Salazar in Portugal, after all). If anything, former president Obama is not well-liked, as his decision to use the sequester to restrict ammunition purchases left many of my colleagues without the supplies that they needed for effective training. They were practically training with Nerf guns. You aren’t going to convince the military to replace one potential dictatorship with another; it just isn’t in the soldiers’ constitution to do it. Like the Turkish Armed Forces that jealously guard their Republic (not withstanding last year’s laughable attempt by a few officers and a squad of soldiers to remove Erdogan), the US military views President Trump as legitimate. And Hollywood does not have the human constitution necessary to agitate and lead any revolt whatsoever. So this “strategy,” if one can call it that, is so in-your-face stupid it’s like they know it won’t ever happen so there is no risk involved in blathering about it.

    So no, Sarah. No military leader is going to take indirect marching orders from a corner of the US that many in service want nothing to do with. Military service is hard and excruciating. Telling crappy jokes with liberal tropes is not.

  3. Kieth: Do you still hold to the theory that the Republican Party is doomed to destruction and the Democrat’s will emerge as the single survivor of this political Bar Room Brawl ?
    The Trump presidency would seem to bear this scenario out. How can he NOT IMPLODE and take the Party down with him ?

    • Yes. The Trumpians are way too confident in their victory. Remember that Trump won the election with only 26% of eligible voters, and 19% of the residents of the USA. Probably only about 10% of the US population are hard-core Trumpians, if that. Trump hardly has a popular mandate. The Left now has the cultural and political majority. Trump has the majority of elite opinion against him, the majority of the educated classes, the majority of the poor and working class (only a minority of these voted for Trump), a super majority of young people, a super majority of racial minorities, and state and local governments in the most populated areas. The fact that the GOP now dominates every branch of the federal government and most of the state governments doesn’t mean anything because that just reflects the population dispersal in the US, and the way in which the electoral college and senate representation works. Most of the US population lives in 75-100 major cities.My suspicion is that when the era of Trumpism is over the Left will be back in a big way, and with ever more ferocity.

      And if Trump implodes, the GOP is finished.He’s already killed off the neocons. The party is now totally Trumpized. He was essentially an independent candidate that just happened to run as a Republican, and wiped out the party’s establishment in the process. If he screws up, there’s nothing left. Also, I don’t see Trump as establishing a new kind of paradigm that’s going to be durable over time. He’s just not popular enough, and he’s too divisive a figure.

  4. Kieth: Spot on…Trump’s “Victory) as you have analogized is not much more than a leveraged buyout of the Republican Party and the General Election. I was briefly involved in the Trump Primary in New Jersey, and that was an eye opener to be sure for the Trump way of doing business.
    It’s been less than a month, and he appears to spinning out of control on a daily basis. I don’t know for sure if it’s his sociopathic personalty or just a Game Plan of Distraction to keep his True Belivers in check.
    May we all live in Interesting Time’s !

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