Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Trump and the Neoconservatives

By Jon Basil Utley

The American Conservative

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Even before the Iraq War, John Bolton was a leading brain behind the neoconservatives’ war-and-conquest agenda. Long ago I wrote about him, in “John Bolton and U.S. Lawlessness,” “The Bush administration’s international lawlessness did not come from nowhere. Its intellectual foundations were laid long before 9/11 by neoconservatives.” I quoted Bolton, “It is a big mistake to for us to grant any validity to international law … because over the long term, the goal of those who think that it really means anything are those who want to constrict the United States.” In fact I set up a web page, the John Bolton File, containing various links about him and the neocons.

Nearly all of Donald Trump’s appointments to his transition team are very encouraging. Indeed, I have known many of them for years. But he could undermine his whole agenda by allowing neocons back into their former staffing and leadership role over Republican foreign policy. The New York Times reported how many are now scrambling to get back into their old dominant positions. And now National Review, which supported all the disasters in Iraq, has come out to promote Bolton for secretary of state.


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  1. It looks like Bolton and Giuliani are front runners for Sec of State. Giuliani is a douchebag, but is appears he would be better than Bolton based on these recent statements from Giuliani on what his approach to foreign policy would be: cooperation with Russia, negotiation with China, regarding Iran as a peripheral matter, focusing on ISIS, and (presumably) ending support for the anti-Assad forces in Syria. That’s not President Jill Stein’s foreign policy, but probably as good as it would ever get from an US administration that’s likely to ever take office.

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